How to change slide to unlock text

Hey, everyone. RoryPiper right here. I’ve been ameans for a pair of weeks, yet I’m back, via a quick, easy hack, that will certainly change the “Slide to Unlock” message, on your lock screen. This will certainly job-related on the iPhone or iPod Touch, yet requires it to be jaildamaged, with Winterboard mounted.

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Basically, we are creating a theme, for use in Winterboard. It is a simple message file, to create the string file the iPhone provides to recognize what text to display, in a cascade of 4 folders. On a Mac, I’m utilizing Text Edit to create the string.

Open Text Edit. Then form the adhering to string:

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Between the last 2 quotations, is wright here you want to form your very own message. For our objectives right here, I’ll use The text deserve to be upper or reduced case, through spaces or without, yet shouldn’t be also long. When your done, it have to look something choose this:


To save this file, we have to name it “SpringBoard.strings”. Just save it to your desktop, for now.

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Next, we need to produce our folder cascade. Create a brand-new folder on your desktop computer and also name it what ever before your want this design template to be called. I’ll name this one “iPhoneCDNLockText”. Within that folder, produce the following folder and name it “Bundles”. In the Bundles folder, develop your 3rd folder, and also name it “”. Then within that folder, produce the last folder, and also name it “en.lproj”. These folders should be called specifically as I have actually laid out right here. They are all instance sensitive. This is what the cascade need to look like:


Finally, put the “SpringBoard.string” file in the “en.lproj” folder.

Now we must acquire the design template on your tool. We have gone over this before, so I’ll simply refer you our previous articles. Basically, the layout needs to go in the root folder, in Library > Themes. You can either usage OpenSSH (go right here for a tutorial), or use Disk Aid (go right here for a tutorial).

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Once your layout is set up, open up Winterboard and apply it. You have the right to also combine this with other themes, if you favor. I’ve merged this through the iPhone in Canada lockdisplay screen we made a few weeks ago:


Tbelow you go. Have fun with it. If you have actually any type of questions, just short article listed below. Don’t foracquire to check out my blog: Eco-friendly Candy, and also you can also follow me on Twitter: