Rainbow Six: Siege gets a huge new upday following month through Operation Void Edge, however it"s hard to obtain excited around it if you"re constantly battling lag or a bad connection.

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With eextremely second counting in Siege, being associated to a less-than-best server have the right to suppose the difference between victory and also defeat.

Luckily, we have the right to show you exactly how to readjust server.

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Rainbow Six Siege: How to Change Server


Ubisoft has put together an extensive guide right here, yet the lengthy and brief of it is finding the Rainbow Six Siege ".ini" file buried in the game"s files.

Once you head to the bottom, you"ll find "DataCenterHint=default"

Change the word "default" in this line to one of the complying with which will certainly assist you change your information centre.

eus "us east"cus "us central"scus "us southern central"wus "us west"sbr "brazil south"neu "europe north"weu "europe west"eas "asia east"seas "asia southern east"eau "australia east"wja "japan west"

Xbox One and also PS4

Console owners, your information centre isn"t changeable. Remember, a wired link is constantly better than connecting using Wi-Fi, so think about moving to that if you"re struggling.

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