How to change name of ipod

Have an Apple product yet don't prefer the name it came with? You can rename your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch through simply a couple of clicks or taps. Here's exactly how.

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You can easily change the name of your iPhone or iPad through iTunes. To do this in Windows, affix your gadget to your computer and fire up iTunes. Click on the icon for your device at the top of the screen.

Using iTunes via a PC


The summary display for your device must show up via the name at the top. Click in the box that display screens the name. You"ll then watch the name highlighted in addition to a message cursor. You have the right to now modify the existing name or start from scratch by deleting it and also typing a brand also brand-new name. Then press Get in.

iPhone/iPad with a Mac


The process is the exact same on a Mac. Launch iTunes. Click on the icon for your iPhone or iPad at the peak of the display.

Using iTunes through a Mac


At the summary display screen for your device, click in package that display screens the name. Change the existing name or delete it entirely and form a brand-new name. Press Go into.

Directly on the Device


Instead of going through iTunes, you can rename your iPhone or iPad directly on the device itself. To carry out this, open Settings > General > About > Name. Here, you can modify the existing name or delete it and cook up a new name. Then tap Done.

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Apple Watch


How about your Apple Watch? You have the right to rename it via the Watch app on your iPhone. Launch the application. Go to General > About > Name. You deserve to currently transform the existing name or delete it entirely and also type a new name. Tap Done.



AirDrop, meanwhile, lets world via surrounding iOS gadgets send you photos and also other documents. You can readjust your tool name so it"s much less evident which tool is yours, however you deserve to also just restrict accessibility to AirDrop. Navigate to Setups > General > AirDrop, wbelow you can opt to only get messages from your contacts or revolve off AirDrop.
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