How to change difficulty in microsoft solitaire collection

I really like Spider Solitaire on My usual level is Expert, however I played a couple of in Grandunderstand, and now it defaults to that level instantly. How deserve to I adjust it ago to offer myself an option again?

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Hi tbelow,

I deserve to confirm what Ackis said to rotate off "Remember Deck Difficulty". Launch a new game, then pick the obstacle you desire.

If you desire to stick with that obstacle moving forward each time, go earlier into the menu and also revolve "Remember deck difficulty" ago on. The game will launch at that difficultly the next time you play. If you desire to pick the obstacle each time, leave it off.

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I turned off the remember deck obstacle, played a game, closed out, then began up a new game a few moments later on. It didn"t offer me a choice of challenge levels. Just instantly began playing - reportedly always at random play (I preferred playing solvable or switching points out to tool, difficult, skilled and also the favor. How do you gain to wright here you can view those choices?

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Whoops - I did the "forget" bit within the game of Klondike and Spider and nothing happened. But then I did it before opening up any kind of individual game and did the forobtain little.....and also it provided me options. Thanks so much for the suggested solution. I"m a happy player currently.

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