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Open your account information digital. Marissa Perino/Company Insider

3. This will carry you to your account overcheck out. You must view your username, email, day of birth, and existing country. Click "Edit profile" to make transforms.

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Open the profile editing page. Marissa Perino/Business Insider

4. Scroll dvery own till you find the country area. If you"re in an additional nation, you"ll be able to open a dropdvery own menu by clicking or tapping it.

It"s vital to note that as soon as making this readjust, your brand-new country will certainly only appear if you"re actually tbelow — you can"t switch to a country that you"re not already in.

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Once you enter a new country, the dropdvery own food selection will come to be available. Marissa Perino/Company Insider

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