The legendary and effective Ice-Type Bird Articuno is discovered in the Seafoam Islands, yet you"ll need a lot even more preparation, planning, and also work to capture it than many various other Pokemon. Once you discover the Legendary Bird, you"ve only got once chance to capture it, so make sure it counts.

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Preparing Your Trainer

Buy as many kind of Ultra Balls as you can afford at a Poké Mart. The closest one is at Fuchsia City, yet you deserve to buy them anywhere. While you can capture Articuno, theoretically, with any sphere, the Ultra Ball has the greatest opportunity of success.Train numerous Pokémon up to level 55 or over. Articuno is at level 50, and it will certainly put up a great fight as soon as it comes throughout you. Be prepared to chip away at its wellness through a couple of solid Pokemon.<1>While you do not desire to kill it before capture, a Fire and an Electric Pokémon will make powerful enhancements to your team below. Make sure you additionally have a strong, fundamental Pokemon, choose a Typical kind, to fight too.Bring along numerous Potions and also Repels to keep your team healthy on the method on the means to Articuno. You"ll be making a decent sized pilgrimage to get to Articuno, and also you do not want to be left with weak Pokémon once the fight starts. Bring Revives, TM Boosts, and also Potions to make sure your team is in peak form once you arrive, or simply usage Repels to stop fighting wild Pokemon.Know the HMs Strength and Surf. You"ll require both of them to reach Articuno, so don"t attempt it till your have 1-2 Pokémon via the moves in your party.

Finding Articuno

Use Surf off of the Southern coast of Fuschia City. Once you"re positioned through Pokémon and Ultra Balls, head down to the bottom-most end of Fuscia City and hop in the water.Surf dvery own and also to the left until you reach a tiny cave. You"ll be going southwest. Start by going straight down till you acquire stuck, then rotate tough to the left to reach the Seafoam Islands, the residence of Articuno. You"ll check out a small cave that you have to enter.Drop the 2 boulders in the cave through the holes in the floor making use of HM Strength. When you enter, tright here will certainly be a little boulder next to a hole in the floor. Use Strength to press the boulder with the hole. Off to the left, on the exact same floor, is another boulder that demands to be pumelted through too. Without leaving that floor, push that boulder the totality close to it too. Then return to the initially hole and also drop through in addition to the boulders.Do not use the ladder in the cave, as it will recollection your boulders.The boulders halt the present in the lower levels of the cave, enabling you to surf on the river and also find Articuno.Head dvery own to the lowest level when you"ve puburned all the boulders through. Keep pushing the boulders dvery own the holes till you"re at the lowest level of the cave. Tright here will be a river via 2 boulders blocking it off, slowing it down sufficient to surf on.If you attempt and surf on this water without obtaining the boulders inserted you will certainly be swept away and out of the cave.

Catching Articuno=

Lower Articuno"s HP dvery own to the red zone. Fight the Pokémon favor you"d fight any kind of various other you wanted to capture. When possible, use moves that deal damage however aren"t super reliable, as you do not desire to unintentionally knock the bird out. Normal moves like Slash are great, as are moves favor False Swipe. To assist you capture the bird, remember it"s toughness and also weaknesses:Weak Against: Fire, Electric, Rock (x2, so be careful through Rock attacks), and Steel.Throw Ultra Balls at it until it is recorded. Even if an Ultra Ball fails, it makes the following one slightly even more most likely to succeed. That means you 10th attempt at recording the bird will certainly be much even more most likely to succeed that the last. Keep Articuno paralyzed or asleep and you"ll scoop it up in no time.

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Save the game prior to engaging in a Pokémon battle with it.If Articuno is released from paralysis, paralyze it aobtain. Save the game again as soon as Articuno"s health and wellness bar is in the red zone.If Articuno wakes up, put it ago to sleep aget.

Things You"ll Need

A Pokémon that knows Strength and also a Pokémon that knows SurfEnough money to buy a lot of Ultra Balls