How to bypass lock screen on zte zmax

Phone: ZTE Zmax 2 Factory OS: Android 5.0 (Lollipop)Have you updated your Operating System?Then check out tips for the the majority of recent OS version(s): Android 9 (Pie) & Android 8 (Oreo)Or see tips for all Android versions

Locking your phone is a good security attribute, yet as soon as you’re at home it’s usually not crucial.

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A featured dubbed Trusted Places allows you to bypass the lock display screen once you’re at specific geographic locations.

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To set it up go to Setups – Lock display and security – Smart lock – Trusted areas. You deserve to likewise put up the bypass to work when your phone is connected to specific Bluetooth devices such as Smartwatches or Audio devices.

You can also override this (i.e. lock your display screen as soon as it is at the location). To override, simply push and also hold the padlock symbol on the lockdisplay screen.

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This may not work on all phones, models or networks.

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