How to bypass google account on samsung j3 prime?

There are full 3 techniques available to Bypass Google Account frp Galaxy J3, you deserve to select your finest approach from listed below list according to your android version, bereason the method will work-related just if your android variation is also equivalent, you can’t use Galaxy j3 Android 5 frp approaches on Galaxy j3 android 8, so make sure you understand your android version very well.

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You deserve to additionally inspect your Galaxy J3 Android variation by placing your into android recoextremely mode, and also there you can easily confirm that what android variation does your phone have.

⇒ Method 1: Bypass frp Galaxy J3 (Android 5)

⇒ Method 2: Bypass frp Galaxy J3 (Android 8)

⇒ Method 3: Bypass frp Galaxy J3 (Android 9)

Method 1: Bypass Google Account Account Galaxy J3 Android 5

-This method was tested on Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016), Android Version 5.1.1

-Connect Wi-Fi in your galaxy j3 gadget.

-Rerelocate battery and insert energetic “SIM CARD”.

-Switch on your tool, select your desire language, tap on “Yellow” icon from welcome display screen.

-From “SIM Card unlock PIN” display screen, drag up the “Phone Call” icon from corner to make emergency contact.

-Dial any emergency number to make contact, and wait until speak to is picked up.

Note: You might have to dial emergency number several time until call is picked up.

-Once call is picked up, “SWIPE LEFT” to go for further alternatives, and tap on “Internet” to open google.


-Get in your “SIM Card unlock PIN” to unlock sim.

-Tap on “Internet”, then tap on “GOOGLE” to open google in your galaxy gadget, so that we can surf internet tright here.

Downpack “FRP BYPASS EASY” and “Google Account Manager” APP:

-Type tright here “Bypass FRP Applications and File“, tap associated search result.

-Downpack from there listed below 3 apps

1-FRP BYPASS EASY 2-Google Account Manager 6.x.x 3-Goo Account Manager 5.x.x


-Once download complete, go to top of the web page by swiping up, so that bottom “Bookmarks, Home, Tabs” choices screen.

-Tap on “Bookmarks”, then tap on “History” and also after that, tap on “Download History”.

-Tright here you have the right to check out all your downloaded applications.


Install Google Account Manager:

-Tap on “Google Account Manager“, then from “Installation Blocked” popup, tap on “Settings“, and permit “Unwell-known Sources“, now go back and also again install “Google Account Manager” appropriate your android version.

Remember: If you don’t know your android variation, you have the right to try to install both variation of google account manager 5.x.x and also 6.x.x.


Let’s Install “FRP BYPASS EASY” Application:

-Once google account manager installation finish, tap on “Done”.

-Now tap on “FRP BYPASS EASY” Application, tap on “Install“, then tap on “Open“.

-Tap on “Google Account Login”.


-Tap on “3 dots” from height ideal corner.

-Then choose “Browser Sign-in”, now add your valid gmail account tright here.


-Rebegin your gadget to achieve Bypass Google Account on Galaxy J3 Android 5 Without COMPUTER.

Complete Initial Setup:

-Tap on “Yellow icon” to go for following, enter your “SIM PIN”.

-Connect Wi-Fi.


-Now you have actually effectively accessed to your Galaxy J3 gadget menu, we will perform information factory reset to entirely Bypass Google Account on Galaxy J3 Android 5.

Factory Documents Reset:

-Tap on “Apps”, then go to “Settings”.

-Now tap on “Back-up and reset”, after that, tap on “Factory Documents Reset”.

-Tap on “Reset settings”, then “recollection device”, and also at the last tap on “recollection everything”.

Now your galaxy J3 gadget will start erasing every little thing, after that it will restart, then aget you have to complete initial setup.

Method 2: Bypass Google Account Account Galaxy J3 Android 8

Latest Method 2019 to Bypass Frp Galaxy J3 Android 8 (SM-J337A), simply insert any type of SIM card that has PIN locked, and also then you deserve to conveniently accessibility to your tool Home Screen, after that we will certainly add new gmail account to bypass google account, simply follow all procedures from below.

Warning: This approach is only for Device Owner.

Let’s Start to Bypass Frp Galaxy J3 Android 8:

-Connect WiFi initially.

-Get earlier very initially “START”.

-Now insert any Active PIN Locked SIM card.

-If your SIM does not have pin lock, you deserve to quickly set PIN Code making use of any other android device.

-Once you insert the SIM Card, you will certainly check out popup home window of “Go into SIM Card Unlock PIN”.

-Now simply put 4 digit pin code.

-Tap on “OK”, and then easily push “Power Key” to turn off display.

Note: Tbelow must be even mini secs delay in push “Power Key” after you tap on “OK”, so simply conveniently Hit on “OK”, and also then conveniently push “POWER KEY”.

-Aobtain push “Power Key” to revolve on display, and you will certainly check out popup window of “Not Signed in”.

-Swipe the popup home window to the left, and then tap on “Bell icon”.


-Tap on “Notification Settings”.

-Go down and also tap on “Gmail”, and also then tap on “More Settings in the app”.


-Tap on “3 dots” from height right corner and also pick “Aid & Feedback”.


-Tap on “Search icon”, and then kind tbelow “Use Morse code”, and then you will certainly check out the very same search outcome, just tap on that.


-After that, tap on “Video Play icon” and also wait few secs until you obtain some additional alternatives on the video.

-Tap on “Share arrow”, and also then tap on “3 Dots” to access


-If you upday home window, simply tap on “Not Now”.

-Drag down the youtube video, and then tap on “3 Dots” from top ideal corner & select “Terms & Privacy Policy”.


-You will certainly watch chrome home window, just tap on > Accept & Continue > Next > No Thanks.

-Now we will certainly downfill only 3 frp tools in cost-free to Bypass Frp Galaxy J3 Android 8.


Downpack Galaxy J3 FRP Tools:

-You will certainly check out deal with bar peak of your display.

-Type & Search (Downfill peak Samsung FRP Tools).

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-Visit 1st search outcome very same as presented in listed below photo.


-Download from there below 3 frp apps.

1/Rapid Shortcut Maker 2.4.0. 2/Google Account Manager 6.0 3/Account Login.

-Wait few minutes until downloading and install process done.

-Go to top & hit on “3 dots” from peak right corner of the browser.

-After that, tap on “Downloads”.

-You will certainly access to download folder, wbelow you will certainly be able to see all downloaded applications.

-Tap on “Fast Shortreduced Maker” to install, after that you will certainly chrome popup home window, simply tap on “Settings”, and permit choice of “Allow from this sources”.

-Tap on “BACK KEY”, and also then tap on > Install > Open.

-Perfect, now we are inside quickshortcutmaker app.

-Go down and also uncover “Samsung Experience Home”.

-Tap on “”Samsung Experience Home” to expand outcome.

-After that, from the expfinished outcome, tap on very first “Samsung Experience Home”, after that, hit on “TRY”.

-Now we have to install 2 more apps to efficiently Bypass Frp Galaxy J3 Android 8.


-Open “Chrome Browser” again.

-You will certainly see downfill frp tools web page, simply tap on “3 dots” from peak ideal edge of the internet browser & pick “Downloads” to accessibility downloaded folder again.

-Tap on “Google Account Manager > Install > Done”.


-Tap on “Account Login > Install > Open”.

Note: If you view any blocking popup, simply hit on “Settings”, and also enable the alternative “Allow from this sources”, after that you will be able to install application.

-After opening “Account Login” application, you will certainly have actually first window of “Rekind Password”.

-Just hit on “3 dots” from optimal appropriate corner & pick “Browser Sign-in”.


-Now enter your any type of valid gmail account tright here for permanently Bypass Frp Galaxy J3 Android 8.

Method 3: Bypass Google Account Account Galaxy J3 Android 9

If you have gained frp defense on your very own Samsung Galaxy J3 Android 9 phone without PC & Apps, then you are recommended to follow our this brand-new process to Bypass frp Galaxy J3 Android 9, we will use pin locked sim card, and by using some brand-new actions we would conveniently accessibility to chrome web browser, but you should follow all procedures through completely consciousness.

Warning: This frp procedure is only for device owner to get his phone back.

Let’s Begin to Bypass frp Galaxy J3 Android 9:

-Start this procedure by connecting WiFi first in your galaxy J3 device.

-Go ago to “Let’s Go!” display screen.

-From tright here tap on > Next off Arrow > Next > Skip this for now > Next off.

-You have access to the screen of “Choose a Wi-Fi Network“.

Here, we will use our energetic 4 digits pin locked SIM Card, you can collection 4 digits pin lock in your SIM using via any other android phone, so we need to follow below actions incredibly quickly, otherwise you will fail to get optimal bar menu, you may need to attempt listed below procedures multiple times, because at first try you wont succeed, repetition will certainly lug perfection.

-Insert any kind of active pin locked SIM Card.

-After inserting sim card, conveniently tap on “Next” alternative. (Don’t waste a 2nd right after inserting sim card, simply quickly push NEXT).

–Quickly rerelocate SIM Tray after you watch “Go into SIM Card Pin” display screen.

–Quickly tap on “OK” from the popup window of (NO Sim card inserted).


–Quickly Swipe the “TIME & Date” choice to the left side & Quickly tap on “Lock icon“.

-By doing this it will bring Top Bar Menu.

-Now conveniently begin tapping on “Setting equipment icon” from the top bar menu display, by doing it will not enable top bar menu to be concealed.


-Now be relax, and tap on “Bluetooth icon”.

-Make pair via your any type of Pods or Bluetooth headphone to Bypass frp Galaxy J3 Android 9.


-After making pair successfully, just push power button 3 times from your Bluetooth pods or headphone.

-This will certainly open up for you “Google app”.

-Type in search box “Settings”, and also tap on “Setting gear icon” to get into your Galaxy J3 settings.


Enable Pin Windows:

-To properly Bypass frp Galaxy J3 Android 9, we have to enable pin windows.

-Go to > Security > Other Security Setups > Turn on “Pin Windows” option from tbelow.

-Tap on “PIN Windows”, and also from there, tap “Use screen lock form to unpin”.

-Now tap “PIN”, and then tap on “Continue” alternative.


-Set your any kind of desire 4 digits pin lock code, you deserve to collection “1234” pin lock code.

-After successfully setup pin code, just rebegin J3 phone to Bypass frp Galaxy J3 Android 9.

-Rerelocate your SIM Card & Complete Setup Wizard.

-After accessing to your phone, just go to > Setups > About Phone > Software details.

-Tap 7 times easily on “Build Number” to allow developer choices.

-Go back to “Settings”, and also go all the means dvery own, and then tap “Developer Options”.

-Enable choice of “USB Debugging” from tright here.

-Congrats you are all done to Bypass frp Galaxy J3 Android 9.

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While completing setup wizard, you will be asked for pin code, simply provide your currently setup PIN, and also once you watch (Verify your Account) screen, from there simply tap on “SKIP” option, perform additionally attach WiFi while completing initial setup wizard, we hope this method worked for you very well, and also perform not foracquire to make comment below of this short article.