ATMs are literal cash makers that are mostly left unattended, so it’s no surpclimb that they’re a tempting targain for both break-ins and also financial crimes such as ATM card fraud.

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However before tempting it may seem to be, if you break right into an ATM machine in Coloraexecute, you might uncover yourself in major legal trouble, dealing with burglary or also bank robbery charges. In reality, your defense attorney’s approach to managing the instance can determine what type of charge you eventually challenge.

We’ve put together a overview covering Coloracarry out third-level burglary charges, and in the instance of ATM break-ins, how separating in between robbery and burglary is often a issue of interpretation.

Coloracarry out Third-Degree Burglary

In Coloracarry out, a third-degree burglary occurs as soon as the defendant, through the intent to commit a crime, unlawtotally breaks right into an apparatus designed to hold or dispense cash or products, including:

VaultsSafesCash registersProduct dispensersMoney depositoriesCoin telephonesCoin boxes

Third-degree burglary is considered a Class 5 felony, which is punishable by:

1-3 years of imprisonmentFine of $1,000 – $10,000

The just exception to this would be if the apparatus was designed to hold a managed substance, in which situation it would certainly be a Class 4 felony punishable by 2-6 years’ imprisonment and a fine of $2,000 – $500,000.

ATM Break-in: Bank Robbery or Burglary?

Although the sentencing and penalties for many kind of forms of third-degree burglary are clear, ATM machines come to be more of a gray area.

Although an ATM is an apparatus which is designed to deposit and dispense money, it is regularly operated by or even hoprovided on the premises of banks. In this instance, breaking into an ATM might potentially be taken into consideration bank robbery, as the attempted theft emerged from a bank.

However, for the charge of financial institution robbery to use, the defendant must use pressure or the risk of force. This suggests that if you break right into an unattended ATM and don’t enrespond to anyone throughout the alleged offense, you need to be charged with third-level burglary.

However, if you usage pressure or thrconsumed to use pressure in order to commit an ATM break-in, this might become a robbery charge. For example, if you are challenged by a security guard during an attempted break-in and forcefully stand up to being apprehended, this activity edges right into robbery.

Robbery is a much more serious offense, and also you can possibly obtain a decades-long prichild sentence if convicted. A robbery could also result in additional violent crime charges such as assault and also battery, kidnapping, or also murder.

Deffinishing Yourself Against Third Degree Burglary Charges

Clearly, the scenarios of the alleged offense and also interpretation of the regulations neighboring third-level burglary have the right to change the course of an ATM break-in case.

This implies that you desire an expert defense attorney on your side if you’re accoffered of breaking right into an ATM. A experienced attorney have the right to encertain that the prosecution interprets the regulation sensibly, possibly bring about substantially lesser charges against you.


In some cases, it can be possible to obtain your situation thrown out completely, or to win an acquittal at trial, totally clearing you of all charges. An ATM break-in is surprisingly hard for the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, and also a good attorney will understand exactly how to bring the alleged evidence against you right into question, casting doubt on your guilt.

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