BonteGames - Cat in Japan Escape is an additional allude and also click covert object style escape game emerged by Bart Bonte for Bonte Gamings. The Bonte cat has actually arrived in Japan and can not sheight dreaming around sushi. Can you uncover all the sushi by fixing all the puzzles? Good luck and have fun! Play Cat in Japan

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yum - what a greedy cat! ☻lovely game, just the right challenge for a relaxing playing - favored the graphics - thx Bart ☺


If I remember - you had actually to put the clover on the cat and also then solve the puzzle underneath him. Then the head lifted up and also tbelow was a vital on a chain.

Bonte, yay! Thank you, Bart! Getting a little bit tired of the very same ol' same ol', glad to watch one of my favorites! Now if we deserve to acquire a Detarou on here my day would certainly be complete (what deserve to I say, I miss out on the evil panda, lol!)

Wow, that game was the majority of enjoyable, say thanks to you! Perhaps too simple, but fun.By the way, I had actually a stselection concern right here -- playing the game in Chrome was difficult, the location for the game was method smaller sized than the game itself, so that I can see only the centre, no navigation arrows and so on. Anymeans, I don't choose the Chrome web browser incredibly a lot, however for some factor I'm playing escape games below. The game functioned correctly in other two browsers I tried.

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