I still remember how nervous I was as soon as I checked out a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo for the initially time and also had to ask for some water in Japanese. However before, I easily noticed that ordering somepoint to drink and asking for even more water is actually extremely simple. Take a look at these two fundamental phrases you deserve to usage to order a glass of water in Japanese.

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“O-mizu o kudasai” (お水をください) and also “O-mizu o onegai shimasu” (お水をお願いします) are commonly offered to ask for water in Japanese restaurants. They both expect “Can I have some water please?” or “I’ll have actually water please” however ordering something to drink or eat through “o onegai shimasu” is politer than “o kudasai”.Simple, isn’t it? And the ideal thing is we have the right to make both phrases even easier and usage them to ask for various other points, too! Below you will uncover the simplified versions as well as even more polite phrases you deserve to use to order water in Japanese. I have actually additionally detailed some other valuable phrases such as asking for more water or water via ice and you can learn exactly how to order various other drinks prefer beer or oselection juice, for instance.

How to Ask for Water in Japanese

Similar to in English tright here are most different phrases you have the right to use to ask for water in Japanese. I want to display you 4 of them including the easiest and also some politer ones in instance you setup to go to a much more expensive or upscale Japanese restaurant. Before we gain started, though, let’s have a brief look at exactly how to say water in Japanese.The Japanese word for water is “Mizu” and the Japanese kanji for water is . It is pronounced as two syllables “mi” (like the English word “me”) and also “zu” (choose the English word “zoo” but shorter and also faster). When ordering water it is common to include the polite presettle o (お) and also to sayO-mizu” (お水). While you will certainly additionally be taken as soon as you ask for “mizu”, it is much better to usage the politerO-mizu“.

O-Mizu o Kudasai

O-mizu o kudasai (お水をください) implies “Water, please” or “Please offer me water“. It is probably the easiest phrase to remember since it is simple and short and also it is generally used by Japanese civilization to ask for water. However before, I personally don’t prefer making use of it, bereason it feels a bit rude.As we have actually already questioned O-mizu (お水) suggests water and also “___ o kudasai” (___をください) is an expression provided to ask for something or to make a polite research. In English, it translates as “____, please” or “Please offer me ___“. You can likewise write it in kanji as “___を下さい”, but, “kudasai” is frequently written in Hiragana.The shorter variation is “O-mizu kudasai” (お水ください), which is actually not 100% correct in written Japanese however exceptionally organic in spoken Japanese. Please don’t make it even shorter (and ruder) by dropping the “o” in “o-mizu”.

O-Mizu o Onegai Shimasu

This is my personal favorite and also the expression I tend to usage a lot of of the moment. O-mizu o onegai shimasu (お水をお願いします) translates as “I’ll have water, please” or “I’d prefer water, please“. It is a little little much longer however as you deserve to tell from the English translations it additionally sounds way politer. You have the right to likewise usage this expression to respond politely when your frifinish asks you what you would like to drink.“___o onegai shimasu” (___をお願いします) is another phrase that is commonly provided to ask for something or to make a polite repursuit. It means “I’ll have ___, please” or “I’d prefer ____, please” in English. You have the right to use it whenever before you order something to drink or to eat. Just point at what you want or say the name of the thing you want and include “o onegai shimasu”. That’s it.Same as with the previous phrase you can drop the object ppost を and just say “O-mizu onegai shimasu” (お水お願いします). Because the phrase is politer than “o kudasai”, it can be okay to simply say “Mizu onegai shimasu”, yet again I don’t recommfinish it.

O-Mizu o Itadakemasu ka?

If you want to sound really polite, you must usage this expression to ask for water in Japanese. O-mizu o itadakemasu ka (お水を頂けますか) have the right to be analyzed as “Can I get water, please?” or “Can I have actually some water, please?“. Whenever before I’m at a better restaurant through superior company or in a more formal case I attempt to usage this phrase.Itadaku (頂く) is a verb that implies “to receive” or “to get” and also itadakemasu (頂けます) is the conjugated create that means “have the right to get” or “have the right to receive“. If you include the question pshort article か you have the right to ask for somepoint in a very polite means. “___o itadakemasu ka” (___を頂けますか) can be interpreted as “Can I get ___, please?“, “Can we obtain ____, please?” or “Could I have actually ___, please?“, etc.You can make the phrase also politer by utilizing the negative develop. So you could likewise use the phrase “O-mizu o itadakemasen ka?” to ask for water. A in-depth explanation of why could follow in another blog article in the close to future.

O-Mizu o Itadaite mo ii Desu ka?

O-mizu o itadaite mo ii desu ka (お水を頂いてもいいですか) is an even politer phrase. This could actually be a little bit as well polite for most restaurants, yet it is a great expression when you are invited over for lunch or dinner at your boss’s residence. In English, it implies “Could I acquire some water, please?” or “May I obtain some water, please?“.Itadaite (頂いて) is an additional inflection of the verb itadaku (頂く). The expression “~te mo ii desu ka” (〜てもいいですか) is a expression that is provided to ask for permission. It implies “May I ___, please?“, “Is it ok if ___?“, or “Do you mind if ____?“. I regularly supplied the expression once asking my Japanese host mom for somepoint, however I rarely use it at restaurants.In general, it is okay to usage either of the phrases. However, my personal referral is to stick to “O-mizu (o) onegai shimasu” a lot of of the moment and to usage “O-mizu o itadakemasu ka?” in formal situations or at an extra expensive restaurant to sound politer.O-mizu o kudasaiWater, please.お水をください。O-mizu o onegai shimasuI’ll have actually water, please.お水をお願いします。O-mizu o itadakemasu ka?Can I get some water, please?お水を頂けますか。O-mizu o itadaite mo ii desu ka?Could I obtain some water, please?お水を頂いてもいいですか。
How to Ask for Water in Japanese

Useful Phrases For Ordering Water at a Japanese Restaurant

Now let’s look at some even more progressed but helpful phrases when ordering water at a Japanese restaurant. I’ll show you exactly how you have the right to ask for even more water, warm water or cold water, water without ice, bottled water, sparkling water, and 2 or more glasses of water.

How to Ask for More Water

O-mizu mou ippai onegai shimasu (お水もう一杯お願いします) indicates “Anvarious other glass of water, please” or “I’ll have actually another glass of water, please“. You deserve to also usage the politer expression O-mizu mou ippai itadakemasu ka (お水もう一杯頂けますか) to ask “Can I gain another glass of water, please?“.You deserve to also just allude at your glass and also say “Mou ippai onegai shimasu“. Due to the fact that water is cost-free in Japanese restaurants it is typically served in a particular kind of glass that the waiter recognizes. From my own suffer, I have the right to tell you though that many of the moment waiters will refill your glass of water prior to you can also think around ordering another one.

Hot Water & Cold Water

The Japanese word for warmth or warm water is O-yu (お湯). So if you want to have warmth water instead of the usual cold or chilled water that is offered you need to say “O-yu o onegai shimasu” (お湯をお願いします) or ask “Oyu o itadakemasu ka?” (お湯を頂けますか).When you ask for “o-mizu” you will certainly typically get cold water and also in the summer months, it is practically always offered via ice. You could say “Hiyashita O-mizu o onegai shimasu” (冷やしたお水をお願いします) if you desire to make sure that you will obtain chilled water. “Hiyashita o-mizu” implies cold or chilled water.

Asking for Water Without Ice

The Japanese word for ice is “Koori” and is composed through this kanji 氷, which looks incredibly equivalent to the Japanese kanji for water. To order somepoint without ice use among the phrases we learnt so far and also include the sentence “Koori nashi de onegai shimasu” (氷無しでお願いします) or “Koori nuki de onegai shimasu” (氷抜きでお願いします).If you desire to ask for water without ice in one sentences you can say “Koori nashi no o-mizu o onegai shimasu” (氷無しのお水をお願いします) or “Koori nuki de o-mizu o onegai shimasu” (氷抜きのお水をお願いします).

Bottled Water & Sparkling Water

If you want a full bottle of water rather of just a glass you need to ask for Mineraru Wootaa (ミネラルウォーター). Be sure to pronounce all the syllables independently. In order to acquire a glass or bottle of sparkling water, you have to ask for Tansansui (炭酸水) or Supaakuringu Wootaa (スパークリング・ウォーター).

Two or More Glasses of Water

Counting in Japanese is not the most basic point to do bereason tbelow are a ton of counters. So I will teach you the most basic ones which are Hitotsu (一つ, one), Futatsu (二つ, two), Mittsu (三つ, three), Yottsu (四つ, four) and Itsutsu (五つ, itsutsu).The usual phrase is “O-mizu ____ onegai shimasu” (お水 ___お願いします). So to ask for 2 glasses of water you deserve to ask for “O-mizu futatsu onegai shimasu“. If you desire to get 4 glasses of water you can order them via “O-mizu yottsu onegai shimasu“.Just in instance you are interested in the more tough counter right here it is: Ippai (一杯, one), Nihai (二杯, two), Sanpai (三杯, three), Yonhai (四杯, four) , and Gohai (五杯, five).Another glass of water, please.O-mizu mou ippai onegai shimasu.お水もう一杯お願いしますCan I get one more glass of water, please?O-mizu mou ippai itadakemasu ka?お水もう一杯頂けますか?Hot water, please.O-yu o onegai shimasu.お湯をお願いしますChilled water, please.Hiyashita o-mizu o onegai shimasu.冷やしたお水をお願いしますWater without ice, please.Koori nashi no o-mizu o onegai shimasu.氷無しのお水をお願いしますA bottle of mineral water, please.Mineraru wootaa o onegai shimasu.ミネラルウォーターをお願いしますSparkling water, please.Tansansui o onegai shimasu.炭酸水をお願いしますOne glass of water, please.O-mizu hitotsu onegai shimasu.お水一つお願いしますTwo glasses of water, please.O-mizu futatsu onegai shimasu.お水二つお願いしますThree glasses of water, please.O-mizu mittsu onegai shimasu.お水三つお願いしますFour glasses of water, please.O-mizu yottsu onegai shimasu.お水四つお願いします
Useful phrases for ordering water at a Japanese Restaurant

How to Order Other Drinks in a Japanese Restaurant

Last however not leastern let’s lug it all together so that you have the right to not just ask for water in Japanese yet all kinds of drinks in Japanese. Just as we have actually disputed prior to you have the right to usage the complying with phrases when you want to ask for somepoint. You only have to exchange the “____” via what you want.___ o kudasai___, please.___をください。___ o onegai shimasuI’ll have ___, please.___をお願いします。___ o itadakemasu ka?Can I acquire ___, please?___を頂けますか?The simplest method to do this is actually simply pointing at the menu or the point you desire and also say “Kore o kudasai” (これをください) or “Kore o onegai shimasu” (これをお願いします) which intend “This, please” or “I’ll have this, please“. Of course, you deserve to additionally include the counters we have learned before “Kore o futatsu onegai shimasu (これを二つお願いします) which indicates “Two of these, please“.To attach orders you can usage the particle to (と):O-mizu hitotsu to, o-yu o hitotsu onegai shimasu.

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One glass of cold water and also one glass of warm water, please.お水一つと、お湯を一つお願いします。Biiru futatsu to, orenji juuzu hitotsu to, o-mizu mittsu onegai shimasu.Two beer, one ovariety juice, and three glasses of water, please.ビール二つと、オレンジジューズ一つとお水三つおねがいします。

Japanese Word & Kanji List for Common Drinks

リンゴジュースapple juiceringo juusuリンゴジュースを願いしますRingo juusu o onegai shimasuビールbeerbiiruビールをお願いしますBiiru o onegai shimasuコーヒーcoffeekoohiiコーヒーをお願いしますKoohii o onegai shimasuホットコーヒーcoffee (hot)hotto koohiiホットコーヒーをお願いしますHotto koohii o onegai shimasuアイスコーヒーcoffee (iced)aisu koohiiアイスコーヒーをお願いしますAisu koohii o onegai shimasuコーラcolakooraコーラをお願いしますKoora o onegai shimasu生ビールdraft beernama biiru生ビールをお願いしますNama biiru o onegai shimasuエスプレッソespressoesupuressoエスプレッソをお願いしますEsupuresso o onegai shimasuオレンジジュースoarray juiceorenji juusuオレンジジュースをお願いしますOrenji juusu o onegai shimasu日本酒sakenihonshu日本酒をお願いしますNihonshu o onegai shimasu熱燗sake (hot)atsukan熱燗をお願いしますAtsukan o onegai shimasuお茶teaochaお茶をお願いしますOcha o onegai shimasuウィスキーwhiskeywisukiiウィスキーをお願いしますWisukii o onegai shimasu赤ワインwine (red)aka wain赤ワインをお願いしますAka wain o onegai shimasu白ワインwine (white)shiro wain白ワインをお願いしますShiro wain o onegai shimasu
How to Order Somepoint to Drink in Japanese