The /tagged/ attribute retransforms all the posts in a tag in reverse-chronological order. Popular tags on may have years worth of write-ups in them.

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The initially 5 tags!

The initially 5 tags are your best bet!Only the initially 5 tags present up in tracked tags. Tracked tags are even more trusted than search if you desire your content to be seen and / orreblogged.Put the essential tags (ex. display name, actor name, artist name) in the first 5 tags.Only the initially 20 tags present up in search.So begin via the necessary tags for tracked tags / search, then include tags prefer “my edits” or “mine” for your own blog company, and then include FEELINGS and also TAG COMMENTARY at the finish.Only new articles will certainly present up in public tracked tags or search. Reblogs will certainly not present up in tracked tags or search.Avoid unimportant punctuation. Apostrophes ’ are ok to usage, yet tags via a slash / or a hyphen - or a plus sign + or an equal authorize = will NOT display up in tracked tags.

External Links

Posts through outside links WILL present up in tracked tags. So usage tracked tags and also put the crucial tagsin the first 5 tags!!

Tagging Etiquette

If you use anti tags choose #ANTI SHIPNAME, everyone who is searching for SHIPNAME will see your anti article. Don’t use SHIPNAME as soon as creating your anti tag if you don’t desire people to obtain upcollection around it.Don’t put something that isn’t an edit in an edit tag. People are going into the edit tag to look for edits and also if your post isn’t an modify, it defeats the objective of the modify tag.Don’t spam the tags.The OP (original poster) will certainly often read your tags once you reblog a write-up, so if you say something nasty in the tags, the OP will (probably) check out it. Say somepoint nice instead!

Other advantageous tips:

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Welcome! is an archival meta blog. This blog is for reblogging objectives only. Per our plan, we carry out not answer meta inquiries right here.

If you have a question like:

“What do you think of ?”“What is your opinion of ?”

we will not answer it below, sorry! If you desire your question about the series answered, we recommfinish that you:

ask the OP (original author/poster) of the write-up that inspired your question, orask the question publicly on your blog and also tag it with the appropriate tags, orsend an ask to one of the world we’ve reblogged from that has questioned the topic you’re interested in, or

All of the owners of commonly compose meta. asongoftheories maintains a meta-writers rec list (currently under construction).

Please examine our FAQ and our basic tags page. We also have actually a thorough tags page through every one of the tags used on the blog, and also a search page that deserve to aid you uncover any subject.

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If you want to begin an ASOIAF meta discussion on, we recommfinish you compose the post on your own blog and tag it through pertinent tags, such as the character name and #asoiaf meta. (Read more around the tag #asoiaf meta below.)

If you have actually a comment or idea and would favor to ask anonymously, you deserve to sfinish an ask to our sideblog,