How to activate iphone 4s

I newly purchased an iPhone 4S from Craigslist that had been recollection once I bought it. When I try to activate the phone with the ID that the previous owner gave me I receive an error saying that the account offered couldn"t be supplied to unlock the gadget.

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I know that it requirements to be linked via the correct account but exactly how perform I also tell what account the phone was activated with originally?

The only thing I deserve to view on the activate phone display screen is the following:

This iPhoneis presently attached to an ID (xxxxx Sign in via the ID that was used to set up this iPhone.

Is there a method to display or expose the ID that is associated with the account? At the exceptionally least I want to call the original owner to see if it was stolen from them yet I can not also execute that. Very frustrating.

iphone activation-lock
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As a dominion of thumb, you should always proccasion buying iDevices(iPod, iPhone, and also iPad) from Craigslist and also eBay, no issue how attractive they look. Even if you had went with eBay, you couldn"t raise a dispute given that the tool isn"t physically defective.

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Your best bet currently is contacting, and also I execute not think they would certainly give you the ID. Have you tried contacting the perboy you purchased it from?

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You should talk to the seller.

You perform not need they id and also password.

They need to not provide that out anymeans.

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Ask them to execute following:

Rerelocating an connected tool or computer system from an ID

To rerelocate a maker or computer from your ID:

Open iTunes.Sign in to your ID by selecting Store > Sign In from the iTunes food selection.Choose Store > View My Account from the iTunes food selection. From the Account Information display, click Manage Devices.Click the Rerelocate switch beside the tool name you would certainly choose to unassociate. Note: Rerelocating a device from your ID does not override the 90-day timer. You need to wait 90 days from the day the device was first associated via your ID before it can be connected with an additional ID.

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