As a team, early year wwarmth cent are rather elusive in nice condition. As a result, 1913 penny worth is at a premium.


Steps Leading to Value:

Step 1: Date and also Mintnote Variety – Identify each day and also its mintnote array. 1913 is discovered much less often than many years.

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Tip 2: Grading Condition – Judge condition to determine grade.Tip 3: Special Qualities – Certain facets either improve or detract from value
1913 Lincoln Penny ValueCondition of CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1913 Lincoln Penny Value Up-Dated2021
1913$0.36 $1.07 $16 $24
1913 D$0.96 $2.11 $41 $71
1913 S$4.92 $12 $40 $146

Analyzing just how a lot a coin is worth adheres to a process of recognize and judging:Date | Mint Mark | ConditionImportant to collectors as they create collections is Date and the Mint that struck the coin. Furthermore, as the arsenal grows it is regularly boosted by including or replacing coins in a higher grade.

As a day, 1913 is scarce compared to later years. Early wheats cents are mainly found in low problem. Leading in value is the San Francisco mintage. Premiums are high.

State of preservation of your coin is judged by comparing through grading images and also finding a cshed match.

Begin with verifying Mint Mark:

Tip 1: | Date and Mintnote Combination

The 1913 "S" Mintnote Stands Out in Value

Varieties of 1913 Pennies are established. A necessary step in separating the common from the scarce.

1913 Lincoln Penny

No Mintmark Under Date: Philadelphia Mint Struck the Coin


Heavily worn examples of 1913 cents are quite Abundant. Over 76 million were minted at Philadelphia. Many circulated freely and also show hefty wear. A problem complimentary, lightly worn piece is another issue, reflected in a huge jump in value. Coins via slight to no wear are Elusive.

Collectors of all periods seek eye appealing coins. One aspect identifying a nice coin is strong, well identified lettering alengthy the rim. Grading these beforehand cents is necessary to specific value.

1913-D Lincoln Penny

"D" Mintmark Under Date: Denver Mint Struck the Coin


Production of Denver array cents was modest at 15,804,000 pieces. Numbers remaining in well circulated problem is Abundant, reflected in worth. The stronger industry for these is in slightly better, Fine grade.

One worry to these early year wwarmth pennies is the tendency to develop uneven coloring. Soft brvery own even coloring is preferable to noticeable dark locations blended with lighter shades. Grading is extended in more information in the following step to worth.

1913-S Lincoln Penny

"S" Mintmark Under Date: San Francisco Mint Struck the Coin


San Francisco 1913 cents are Elusive in all grades, becoming a Semi-Key in better qualities. Collector interemainder in wheat cents locations a large demand also on all 1913-S pennies.

Inspecting the reverse and also finding locations of the wwarmth stalks bold sets the coin apart from most. Crisp parallel lines and characterized, separated grains is a greater end problem instance. A finish evaluation of grade is essential of all 1913 San Francisco cents.

Tip 2: | Judge Condition to Identify Grade

Tip Two | 1913 Lincoln Penny Value is Conditional

Completing a worth procedure contains a judgement of condition. 1913 penny value varieties not only by mintnote array however additionally problem. Grading judges surdeals with and conservation. As a coin enters circulation wear begins to rerelocate surchallenge attributes. Judged versus standards arrives at a grade.

Preserve aesthetic value by examining these old pennies over a soft surconfront and stop coughing. Copper reacts to humidity and also moisture.


Uncirculated Grade: Saved before entering circulation an uncirculated grade penny mirrors no wear to any surchallenge of the coin. Lincoln"s cheek is still extended through the texture of luster.

An areas prone to wear and removal of luster is Lincoln"s jaw close to the chin and also his bow tie just below. Look carefully at the jaw to confirm it continues to be without any type of smoothness and loss of information. His bowtie is rather safeguarded, however its main place is at risk to any removal of information. A bowtie still extended in the fine texture helps to establish the mint state grade.

Bideal reddish-gold color continues to be indicating a well-preserved wwarm penny. 1913 an extremely at an early stage year of the series and also a nice example displaying vibrance.

Extremely Fine Grade: As a penny is passed via hand to hand also light wear starts to present quickly. If conserved early on and remains simply lightly worn a grade of Extremely Fine is awarded.

Lincoln"s jaw and also bow tie are beginning to shed a tiny amount of roundness to their prodocuments. Flat locations are apparent on each, confined to the tops of the curves. His bow tie still screens a central knot and also folds on either side.

Nice color lays on the surfaces of this coin, highlighting Lincoln and lettering. Deeper brown following the rim helps framework the main locations. Lighter tan helps present staying details.

Fine Grade: Large locations of style have linked typical of modeprice wear. Smaller details are missing leaving only significant outlines clear. Absence of connecting flatness over the whole architecture keeps this example in the Fine grade.

Both the jaw line and bow tie are plainly visible. Lincoln"s jaw stays through a degree of roundness. His bow tie is increased above the shirt and also sepaprice from the line of jacket. Both of these facets are visibly worn yet distinctive. Bold continuing to be high relief features are listed of this 1913-S penny providing the coin a vivid eye appeal.

Good Grade: Heavy, also wear defines a coin in the Good grade. Large locations have worn smooth. Devices are well outlined with lettering and also day visible.

A light impression of Lincoln"s bow tie stays, doing not have any type of meaning of a main knot. His jaw is currently very level, blfinishing via his cheek and neckline. Notice the facility area of the coin is smooth via enhancing information mirroring towards the rims.

A nice defined rim still elevated over the area adds to the cinjury of this very old penny.

Video | Grading Lincoln Wwarm Pennies

Detecting wear and condition by researching all components of the coin"s surface confirms a grade. As worths climb greater many added determinants are supplied to decide the grade and also worth.

Grading Lincoln Wwarmth Penniescovers the grading procedure in higher information. Video examines grading examples. Descriptions suggest to aspects to create a grade.

Step 3: | Special Qualities Enhancing Value

1913 Quietly Exceptional Value

Within early year Lincoln wheat series are famed key days, 1909-S VDB, 1914-D, each standing out as high value. Other dates and mints are difficult to discover and considered semi-keys to the series.

1913 is quietly amount these elusive ranges, as soon as uncovered, regularly in incredibly worn condition. Majority of examples circulated for a long time, wearing heavily. Collectors were not conserving the issue in any quantity. Adding to outstanding status are underlining components.

Total 1913 mintage of all 1913 varieties: 98,434,500; 13th lowest of all wheat cents for any year.

Philadelphia struck 76,529,500: 13th lowest year of manufacturing of wwarmth centsDenver struck 15,804,00: ranking 10th lowest year of productionSan Francisco struck 6,101,000 10th lowest year of production

All 1913 wwarm cents are basically scarce within the series, a superb quality for any kind of year. Significant is the big worth increase separating Extremely Fine grade pieces from those in lower Fine condition.

A nice eye appealing 1913 penny in Extremely Fine problem or higher is a scarce coin. Compare the amount wear to the upper wheat stalks on the two examples. Lines are merged in locations on the Fine grade and fully separated on the Extremely Fine grade coin. A tiny difference leading to a scarce condition and also huge increase in worth.

Popularity and steady demand also from collectors shows in worth distinctions from one grade to the next. A strong indication of the elusive nature of at an early stage wheat cents in higher grades.


US Mint. 1914 US Mint Annual Report

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