2020 Honda Civic Weight & Dimensions

The 2020 Honda Civic is a dependable auto that has actually an efficient, compact size as a contemporary sedan and a perfect curb weight that guarantees less complications all at once for acquiring approximately. For citizens in the Orlanperform, FL, location, this brand-new 2020 Honda Civic design checks all of the boxes for that high quality, convenient sedan that is certain to make life much easier via eextremely day.

Test drive the 2020 Honda Civic at Headquarter Honda in Orlando, FL, now to obtain a feel for the dimension and also weight and also eventually uncover what has been lacking from your life as a modern-day Honda driver.

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How much does the 2020 Honda Civic weigh?

The 2020 Honda Civic is a traditional sedan with an average overall size and also weight. For the Honda driver in the Orlancarry out, FL, area, the Honda Civic has a curb weight of up to 2,762 lbs with the 6MT trim level and also has a curb weight of 2,771 lbs via the CVT trim. This standard weight provides the 2020 Honda Civic a top challenger.

2,762 lbs through 6MT2,771 lbs via CVT





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Why buy from Headquarter Honda near Orlando, FL?

Headquarter Honda is a valued Honda dealer located in Orlanperform, FL. The dealership gives customers in the neighboring areas via high quality assets and excellent solutions year-round, and also through the huge brand-new Honda inventory, finding that appropriate brand-new model fitting your taste and way of life will certainly be a breeze here at Headquarter Honda.

Schedule an appointment through the Honda Service Center or the Finance Center, or visit Headquarter Honda in Orlanperform, FL, to browse the new inventory and test drive any kind of of the brand-new models accessible, consisting of the 2020 Honda Civic. We look forward to serving you the best we can!