When it concerns tipping for eyelash extensions, a number of clients wonder what would certainly be an appropriate reminder for a lash expansion service.

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It is mainly embraced that salon services prefer hairdressers or nails obtain all over from 15% to 20% pointer. But what around eyelash extensions?

To discover out, I did an exciting instance study. I pulled all the transactions from my lash salon, Divine Lashes, and also compiled the outcomes. I wanted to recognize just how much tips clients leave on average. I thought my findings were extremely interesting and also wanted to share them via you.

So, exactly how much perform you guideline for eyelash extensions?

On average, clients guideline 20.27% for their eyelash extensions solutions. The huge majority of clients leave a tip in between 15% and also 25%. Tipping should reprimary at the complete discretion of the client to present appreciation for the company received.

In this article, I will certainly present go thorough about the tipping etiquette in the eyelash expansion market and also share the outcomes of my situation research.

Let’s acquire started!

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Should You Tip for Eyelash Extensions?

How Much Tip Do Clients Give for Eyelash Expansions (My Own Experiences)

If you carry out search online what is the typical reminder for eyelash extension solutions, you might discover assorted opinions via various ranges.

While they are exciting, I wanted to have actually a far better knowledge of exactly how much clients reminder their eyelash stylists on average.

Lucky for me, I take place to own an eyelash extension salon with a solid team of lash stylists!

The principle was born.

I made a decision to collect all the transactions from the existing year and compiled the results in Excel. This looks like many work-related at a first glance, but it isn’t. I ssuggest extracted the transactions from my terminal and also voilà!

Microsoft Excel did its magic. The results?

Clients guideline 20.27% on average for their eyelash extensions services.If a reminder was provided, clients pointer 22.49% on average for their eyelash extensions services.A majority of clients leave a tip in between 15% and also 25%.

Did these numbers surpclimb you?

After all these years in the lash sector, I meant somepoint around 20%. Finding that clients pointer 20.27% on average just confirms my intuition.

What I uncovered interesting is the second number, the 22.49% average for clients who did leave a reminder.

As you probably understand, the average is a calculation greatly skewed by outlier numbers.

It’s tough to have a bigger outlier than 0%!

Yes, some clients decide not to leave any kind of tips. It’s unprevalent but it does happen. And it’s completely fine.

Because of this, I decided to remove the 0% by curiosity. It transforms out that if the client decided to leave a pointer, the average is slightly better at 22.49%.

The decision to leave a guideline to your lash stylist is a personal one. You shouldn’t feel pressured to leave a guideline. Tipping your lash stylist need to reflect your appreciation for the service and also treatment you obtained.

Should You Tip for Eyelash Extensions?

Tipping is a social norm that has been roughly for centuries. In the majority of nations, the typical organization charge is around 15-20% and also many kind of civilization think this has a reminder.

Depending on the instance, world will certainly regularly leave a tip, periodically not. But what tipping etiquette looks favor varies extensively from perboy to perkid and also from state to state.

Tipping for eyelash extensions is always appreciated, yet not forced. Leaving a guideline is an option. It permits the client to display a level of appreciation for the service obtained.

There are plenty of factors why you may select to pointer your lash stylist or not.

Why You Should Tip Your Lash Stylist


When you book an appointment at an eyelash salon, you’re trusting that experienced through more than just your lashes. You’re entrusting them via your time, too.

Here are 4 reasons why leaving a reminder for a lash stylist is an excellent principle.

Leaving a tip is a method of showing appreciation for the service you received.Leaving a reminder mirrors that you appreciate how a lot time and also effort was put into your lashes. Applying eyelash extensions is very meticulous occupational that calls for years of training to perfect.Leaving a reminder helps via the livelihood of the stylist.Leaving a tip helps construct a rapport through your lash stylist.

The amount you tip need to be relative to the worth of the company you got. If you’re mainly happy through the company, you can tip a tiny more.

Why You Shouldn’t Tip Your Lash Stylist


The principle of not leaving a reminder deserve to make some civilization feel awkward or also guilty – however tbelow are a few reasons why you might select not to leave one.

Here are 3 reasons you might decide to minimize your reminder or not leave any type of.

You’re broke. You should only leave a reminder if you have the right to afford it. Some civilization just can’t because they are going via a turbulent patch in their life. Some can say eyelash extensions are a deluxe service and also I mostly agree. But for some womales, lash extensions are a necessity!The organization was poor. There’s nothing worse then getting a destructive service. If you are unsatisfied via your lashes, if the stylist is rude or doesn’t listen to your requirements, if the hole suffer is not enjoyable, you have the right to definitely let the stylist understand by no tipping.It’s tough to understand who receives the reminder. A reminder must always be directed to the lash stylist who perdeveloped the service and no one else. Also, it have to be 100% allocated to the stylist. The salon shouldn’t take a reduced under any circumstances.

Do You Tip for Eyelash Extensions at Home?

When you’re looking to obtain your lash extensions done, you deserve to decide to go to a lash studio or a lash artist working from residence.

It begs the question.

What is an correct gratuity for eyelash extensions when going to a home-based stylist?

While it is true that lash artists functioning from house will certainly not have actually the typical salon overhead expenses, they still need to pay for their assets and tools.

Today, I’m a lash stylist who works in a salon (my own!) however I have actually functioned from home numerous years before that.

From my own experience, I have the right to say that my clients were simply as generous as soon as I supplied to job-related from house. I receiving around the exact same pointer percent as I am receiving this day.Most clients leave in between 15% to 25% as soon as I functioned from home. Of course, I can not speak about various other lash stylists and also these are only my experiences.

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Final Thoughts

When it involves tipping for eyelash extensions, the alternative is individual. My case study uncovered that clients on average tipped 20.27% of their service complete price for eyelash extension solutions – that means if your bill was $100 then you would certainly leave a $20 reminder on peak of what you already phelp.

Some civilization are more generous or less depending on what they can afford and how a lot worth they watch in our services. The huge majority of all customers left between 15% and 25% gratuity. If you’re not certain around exactly how a lot to leave as a reminder, start through somepoint tiny prefer 10%. You deserve to constantly bump up your gratuity if you have actually an exceptional experience!

Please let me recognize in the comments listed below if you favor these situation research studies. I have newly done a case research to find how a lot eyelash extensions price and also mutual the results on my blog.Finally, I simply wanted to leave you via a snapshot of a beautiful collection of lashes I have done freshly. Just because