Much to the dismight of the show’s loyal followers, The Unit was cancelled by CBS in May. The series’ viewership had actually decreased in its later years yet, despite being preempted a number of times, still attracted 9.67 million viewers in season 4.

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The Unit was supposedly being seriously thought about to proceed in first-run syndication yet the deal didn’t work-related out, most likely because of production expenses. Sadly, while the army drama and also Dennis Haysbert, Regina Taylor, Robert Patrick, and Scott Foley will certainly be approximately in syndication for years to come, we won’t be seeing season five of The Unit.

It transforms out that the authors had actually a complete setup for year five which Executive Producer Shawn Ryan was expecting to be the show’s last. He pitched the storyline ideregarding the CBS execs however ultimately they weren’t interested.

At the current TCA press tour, Ryan common through The Futon Critic what would have actually occurred. He shelp, “It was going to be a whole brand-new display in the feeling that we were going to be training some young people, Bob was going to be training some world for a whole new organization. Jonas was ultimately going to be seeing his run end.”

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Ryan continued, “The final seachild was going to be, I figured the fifth season was going to be the last… It was going to be a lengthy, sort of final mission for Jonas. He’s not medically cleared, Mac hregarding go in and kind of change the medical documents so that Jonas have the right to store on . We had a whole point planned, it was going to be excellent.”

Of the cancellation, Ryan points to CBS’ last-minute decision to save NBC’s discarded Medium series. If things had actually been reversed and The Unit “had actually been owned by Paramount and also Medium had actually been owned by 20th Century Fox, we’d be making the fifth seakid of The Unit right currently. I don’t understand exactly how else to say that.”

What do you think? Do the plans for seakid five sound prefer a great way for the army drama to finish?