Steve Kerr played alongside Michael Jordan through the Chicback Bulls, yet his spotlight came once he made a decision to try coaching.

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Although Kerr holds the document for the a lot of consecutive wins as a player without playing for the Boston Celtics, that’s bereason he played for numerous different groups throughout his 15-year career as a player.

Having learned somepoint from eexceptionally team, Kerr has actually a unique ability to use all that information to coach his current team, the Golden State Warriors, to victory.

From his success, you may wonder exactly how many kind of victories turned into NBA championship rings for him.

Here’s what you must know around Kerr’s rings and the stories behind them.

How Many type of Rings Does Steve Kerr Have?

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Steve Kerr has actually eight NBA championship rings in complete.

Five of those rings came from his time as a player in the NBA.

Kerr was part of the Chicearlier Bulls for a number of years.

He played alongside Michael Jordan and helped the team win championships.

He won 3 rings while he played via the Bulls.

Those championships were won in the years:


He’d go on to sign up with the San Antonio Spurs after the Bulls.

In so doing, he won an additional NBA championship that year with them.

Because he left the Bulls in 1998 and also joined the Spurs in the 1999 seachild, then won, he technically won four rings consecutively.

No various other player except those in the Boston Celtics has been able to execute this.

Kerr’s last ring came later on.

He briefly left the Spurs to play for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Kerr rejoined the Spurs a year later on.

In 2003, he helped the Spurs conquer the Mavericks and also won his fifth ring.

After that, he retired and also offered in miscellaneous governmental duties in the NBA.

In 2014, Kerr came to be the head coach for the Golden State Warriors.

Under his coaching, the team conveniently improved.

The Golden State Warriors would win the NBA championship in the complying with years:


That added 3 even more rings to his total count.

As an outcome, Steve Kerr has actually eight rings in his whole NBA career.

Does Steve Kerr Have The Many NBA Championship Rings?

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No, Steve Kerr does not have actually the most NBA championship rings.

When looking at his career as a player, he comes close to making the top 10 list.

Bill Russell sits at the peak through 11 NBA championship rings.

Steve Kerr is below players that have actually earned six rings favor Michael Jordan.

He’s tied with Kobe Bryant at five rings.

As a coach, he likewise doesn’t have the most NBA rings.

That distinction belongs to Phil Jackboy who has 11 rings as a coach.

Steve Kerr ranks in 6th place for the coach through the many NBA rings.

Many of the coaches ahead of him are tied at five rings, so he’s well on his method to joining their ranks.

Can Steve Kerr Earn More Rings?

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As a player, he’s retired, so he won’t be earning anyeven more rings from that component of his life.

As a coach, there’s an excellent chance that he might add to his NBA championship ring count.

The Golden State Warriors proceed to be a competitive force on the court.

Their star player, Steph Curry, likewise recently signed a contract extfinishing his playing time through the Warriors.

Considering Kerr’s excellence in his coaching hence much, there’s no factor he can’t lead the team to a couple of more victories in his career.

He’s also fairly young among the other coaches.

He has a number of years in him still to go for the ring.

What Do Steve Kerr’s NBA Championship Rings Look Like?

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Kerr’s career spans both playing on the court and also coaching on the court.

Because of this, his rings look slightly various from each other.

He additionally played and won through a number of various franchises.

Thus, his repertoire of rings is distinctive.

Here’s what each ring looks prefer and also just how he came to earn them.

1. The 1996 Chicearlier Bulls NBA Championship Ring

Steve Kerr initially joined the Bulls in the time of a time as soon as Michael Jordan had just left the team.

They were up versus the Orlancarry out Magic and also shed that year’s championship to them.

In 1996, Michael Jordan changed.

The team also included a couple of other essential members to complete their ensemble.

Many kind of think about the 1996 Bulls as a dream team.

Steve Kerr played a crucial duty in the championship, as well.

Leading as much as the championship, the Bulls had actually a document of 72 wins.

They went up versus the Magic again for revenge and also soundly defeated them.

The Bulls would certainly go on to win several games against the Seattle Supersonics in the last series.

Seattle would certainly attempt to rally and focus their defense on Jordan, but through Kerr and the others sustaining the team, the Sonics ultimately shed the championship 4-2.

It was Kerr’s first championship win and also the begin of a three-peat victory series for the Chicearlier Bulls.

The ring created the 1996 win used 4 trophies on its face to represent the 4 current wins of the team.

Kerr wasn’t about for the initial three-peat series of wins, but he was coming in for the second round.

On the side of the ring are Kerr’s name and jersey number.

It additionally consists of the red confront of a bull as a nod in the direction of the Bull’s logo design and mascot.

The other side of the ring states, “World Champions” and also also has the NBA logo on it.

The logo design sits in front of the skyline of Chicback.

To further demonstrate the team’s tremendous year, the ring states “72 Wins” on it.

This is a nod in the direction of the record-setting variety of wins the team earned during their regular season.

The words “Greatest Team Ever,” are additionally created on the bottom of the ring.

While Michael Jordan might have been the star, they were champions bereason of the assistance and shooting abilities of team members prefer Kerr and also Dennis Rodguy.

2. The 1999 San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship Ring

After joining the Spurs in 1999, Kerr uncovered himself playing in a unique time.

The NBA, at the time, was suffering a lockout because of a labor problem.

As a result, the seaboy was shortened.

Many type of teams that used to play against each other didn’t get the opportunity to carry out so.

All the same, they organized the finals and also the San Antonio Spurs uncovered themselves in the playoffs.

Before then, the Spurs had actually a decent consistent seakid, however they were under a brand-new coach, and the team’s star player, David Robinson, had actually only freshly reverted from injury.

Despite these challenges, the Spurs uncovered themselves up against the New York Knicks in the final series.

In the finish, the Spurs would certainly trounce the Knicks with a game last of 4-1.

It was the first time the Spurs won the NBA championship.

It was additionally Kerr’s fourth win in a row.

The ring for their win was extra one-of-a-kind.

On its challenge is the Spurs’ logo design made completely out of diamonds.

It sits on a black enamel background that allows the diamonds to shine and also glitter.

The spur is likewise surrounded by a ring of diamonds.

The side of the ring has actually Kerr’s name on it and his jersey number.

It additionally features the NBA logo.

On this side of the ring is the post-season record of 15-2.

It also provides the year of the NBA season.

The other side of the ring attributes the words, “World Champions.”

Below them is the NBA trophy.

There’s also a picture of a spur wielding a hammer and cracking a rock.

Inside of the spur is a small diamond.

3. The 2003 San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship Ring

A lot was riding on the 2003 NBA championship for the Spurs.

Both Robinchild and also Kerr had announced that they were retiring from the team at the finish of the seaboy.

They wanted to leave the team on a high note.

The continuous seakid proved promise for the playoffs.

They tied for the league’s best document of that year through 60-22.

Going into the playoffs, the Spurs had a few shaky moments.

In particular, they were up against the Los Angeles Lakers who had actually some of the best stars while.

It was a collection in which both teams won a game ideal after the other.

In the finish, the Spurs controlled to pull ahead of the Lakers and also ongoing in the playoffs.

Their following challenge was the Dallas Mavericks.

The Dallas Mavericks are frequently thought about the nemesis of the Spurs bereason they both recurrent the state of Texas.

Both had somepoint to prove in the playoffs.

Kerr played an integral duty in game 6 in the time of the fourth quarter.

They were down by 16 points, however Kerr managed to shoot 4 three-pointers in a row to obtain them earlier on optimal.

They managed to defeat the Mavericks and also moved onto the final showdvery own versus the New Jersey Nets.

The fight to win the championship was hard.

Both groups traded wins via one another.

It came dvery own to game 6.

The Spurs had won the game previously and also the Nets needed to win game six to remain alive.

Eventually, however, the Spurs would overcome the Nets with a total score of 88-77.

Their NBA finals score would certainly be 4 games to two.

This would certainly note the second championship win for the San Antonio Spurs and also the finish of Kerr’s playing career.

Their second ring functions the Spurs’ logo on the challenge of the ring.

Diamonds fill the spur.

They additionally consist of the background.

Dozens of diamonds layer the background of the ring.

They additionally line each side of the ring.

On the height and also bottom of the ring are the words, “World Champions.”

On one side of the ring is the year in which they won the championship.

Below that is the name of the team.

This side likewise functions two championship trophies to signify their 2 franchise wins.

The various other side of the ring features Kerr’s name and also jersey number.

It has actually the NBA logo and the season’s document of 60-22.

This would be Kerr’s last ring as a player until he took up coaching for the Golden State Warriors.

4. The 2015 Golden State Warriors NBA Championship Ring

Kerr had actually a lot to prove as the brand-new head coach of the Golden State Warriors.

He instantly started to revamp their offense.

He brought together elements of the triangle offense that Phil Jackson had taught him when he played through the Bulls.

He also imposed the lessons around spacing and also pace which he had learned from Gregg Popovich in the time of his time with the Spurs.

Finally, he relied on his experience as the GM of the Phoenix Suns to usage up-tempo values to store his team in the game.

The result was a team that set the record for the league.

They had a document of 67-15 and also an also more outstanding house document of 39-2.

Due to the fact that of that, Kerr ended up being the rookie coach through the the majority of wins under his belt in a single year.

They gotten in the playoffs simply as solid and also uncovered themselves up against the Cleveland Cavaliers and also LeBron James.

The first two games featured stunning overtime periods.

The Golden State Warriors would certainly win game one in overtime, but the Cavaliers would take house the second game, also in overtime.

The Cavs would certainly also win game 3, raising their possibilities of winning the NBA championship.

However before, the Warriors rallied and also finished up winning games four, 5, and six.

It was the initially time the Warriors had actually won a championship given that 1975.

Due to their significant performance and also their initially win in a lengthy time, the franchise invested most money on their championship rings.

The confront of the ring has diamonds layered over it.

They develop the Bay Bridge that’s component of the Warrior’s logo.

The ring additionally uses sapphires and also gold to highlight certain locations of the bridge.

Even the inside of the ring has a architecture.

It functions the very same shape and also style as the Oracle Arena in which they played the finals.

On one side of the ring is the year in which they won the championship.

Also within the year is the variety of eexceptionally player’s jersey that was on the roster.

The team’s name is below that with the NBA logo design underneath.

Kerr’s name is on the side of the ring.

Instead of a player number, his ring reads, “Coach.”

The various other side of the ring functions the words, “World Champions,” and likewise depicts a snapshot of the championship trophy.

Touching the trophy is a collection of hands.

This is a nod to the picture of the team all emotional the trophy.

5. The 2018 Golden State Warriors NBA Championship Ring

Although they had won in 2017, the Warriors were looking to acquire a back-to-earlier win.

They had been unable to execute so following their 2015 win.

They found themselves up versus the Cleveland Cavaliers when more.

The Warriors felt good around their chances.

They had actually come out of the regular seachild with the highest possible record among the teams at 58-24.

They had also ensured that their star players, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, remained a component of the team.

They entirely swept the finals.

A move hadn’t developed considering that 2007.

The Golden State Warriors won eincredibly game.

It just took 4 games for them to win the championship.

They’d won back-to-back championships.

This NBA finals also featured the last time that LeBron James would play for the Cavaliers.

He’d relocate on to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Due to the fact that the Warriors had actually back-to-earlier wins, the ring had added details provided in its architecture.

One of the many unique elements is the fact that it’s reversible.

The ring has 2 encounters.

One functions a side mostly comprised of diamonds while the other side features mainly sapphires.

Both feature the Bay Bridge of the Warriors’ logo design.

Removing the height of the ring reflects a recessed percentage of the ring via the words, “Strength in Numbers.”

It was the team’s mantra for the season.

On one side of the ring are Kerr’s name and his title as a coach.

It likewise attributes the Bay Bridge and “Just Us” motto.

The various other side of the ring has actually the words, “Back 2 Back” and also the regular-seaboy record.


Kerr has won several rings both as a player and also as a coach.

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As a young coach through a successful career, he’ll likely earn more with the Golden State Warriors as the years continue.