I"m obsessed with trying to acquire the longest life expectancy (most miles)out of my diesel.I"m a contractor so I carry out many hauling ,towing etc.What is the greatest miles anyone has actually acquired or watched out of the 6.5 trucks,and what have actually they done to acheive this sucess.With the exemption of a (warranteed inj. pump) mine has been trouble cost-free for the last 40,000 miles.I ask because I dont watch alot through over 250,000,and also i"ve gained that out of a 305 for christ"s sake.This is a better truck though.I have actually viewed some guy"s that insurance claim 400,000 in below though.That would certainly be terrific.

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98 k2500 ext. cab 6.5,4" Pinnacle exhaust,K&N air filter,4.10 gears "79 k-30 crew cab 4x4 I-6cyl. (gas) 4.56 gears




ive seen a truck through 320,000 on it. and also a bunch of trucks through 200+ mine has 150k on the clock and no troubles yet, my old 6.2 has 230k on it and also I drive it every day 120 miles earlier and forth to job-related Iam expecting to hopecompletely get 300 out of her smile.gif
-96 6.5TD K3500 Crew Cab Dually 4x4, 97 cooling mods, Dmax fan, 3.5" downpipe, 4.5" directly exhaust, intercooler, practice intake plenum, fast idle switch, Ranch Hand bumpers, Turbo Master, egt, boost, & trans gauges, 6" Superlift, K&N off the turbo.-88 6.2 3/4 bmetropolitan 255K-83 6.2 CC C30 220K-82 6.2 1/2 4x4 burban 270K

As these days I have 299,867 km on the clock. This point drives prefer it has actually 50,000 and I am very happy as a whole. Only repairs to engine have been the typical maint. items, one IP and also relocated FSD. Other than that, I spend money on the fun stuff, favor exhaust and turbomaster. When this point ultimately goes, I will redevelop and also go at it again. With the cost of new DI diesels, you need to work it pretty tough to obtain the worth that a 6.5td will conveniently provide you. smile.gif
Drive it prefer you stole it!94 GMC 3500 5-spd, ext-cab Dually 4X4Heath exhaust all the way backAir Box Mods + K&NHeath Remote PMD kitHeath TurboMasterHeath MAX-E-Tork 2.0Autometer Phantom GaugesBig Smile on my FaceSold and trying to find next 6.5 project!
Right currently, I am 195,200 miles through essentially no hiccups. I went with a few oil senders last year, but I"ve never before had to have the engine functioned on yet in 12 years.From what I"ve seen on this board from other owners, I think I still have actually fairly a couple of miles left in the old fella....
Just over 230,000 miles and I suppose to obtain 300,000+ miles from my 6.5 if the truck doesn"t die a slow-moving cancerous fatality first.
93 Crew Cab Dually 6.5TD cooling mods 4L80E trans temp gauge 4:10 227,700 miles2002 Terry 30S1980 Viking 160 S.S.
My 94 will certainly rotate 500,000 km this week, The body is in good form so I"m hopeing to store it going for an additional 200k or so.
My 95 has 253,000 and still going strong. Love My Burb My problem is oversized tires eat the front finish alive, 33,12.50,16.5
well i am at 249,000 kms now(155,000m) and also it runs solid. i arrangement on maintaining it as long as i have the right to. body is great. lots of them roughly right here have actually 400,000 + so will check out.plus it costs me a little over $0.10 per kilometres to drive and also i recognize that i will certainly never check out that from a gas truck.
2005 Silveraexecute 2500HD CC 4X4 5-rate Alliboy KD transfer situation upgrade Reflex Spray in Bed coating, Access tonneau cover, Banks Ottomind 6 Tuner through Power PDA, Banks Monster exhaust,Banks Ram air intake. Ultrabegin remote starter,Blistein shocks,Mag-hytechnology deep trans pan, Pulling 1982 27.5 ft Golden Falcon TT 275,000 kms
My 93 has actually had a unstable life. largely before i bout it. It has actually 192,000 on it. It has actually a goodwrench tranny, all round joints, one cv boot, alt. intake valve spring on number one. it runs excellent currently, but it"s beggin for a equipment drive.
93 K2500 4X4 6.5, 3.5" open up exhaust, 3" mandrel downpipe. 285 cooper S/T. Oliver 1750 diesel, Oliver Super 88 diesel practice engine job-related....Minnie Jet Star
I am at 377,000kilometres aside from the motor at 145,000km , injectors at 178000, and also warranty IP at 182000kilometres my truck is now going solid with the aid of all you guys on the page; and also I intend to store it that way. I do not really count the daily wear and also tear items, that list would be endmuch less dur to gaining it back in primo form compared to once I bought it.
1995 GMC 2500LD,6.5L TD,Ext cab, SB,4L80E,3.73,Heath Chip, Turbounderstand,Hayden fan clutch, 3" exhaust,K&N filter,Aux Fuel tank, High Idle,Remote Start,Homemade headlight booster,2 inch suspension lift,285/75r16 wrangler at/s. p_holmen
265,000 miles on my 1995 6.5. rebuilt tranny, 2 injector pumps. turbo understand and also max e-tork chip.runs favor a scalded dog.
Thanks for the replys.Very great to view the high miles you guy"s have actually gotten,I hope to carry out the exact same.I hear so a lot negativity about GM diesels,(mostly from ford or dodge guy"s)renders me want to prove "em wrong.Also renders me not afrassist to go past the 120,000 mile warranty on the pump,(presently at 115,000).Runs choose a peak.

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98 k2500 ext. cab 6.5,4" Pinnacle exhaust,K&N air filter,4.10 gears "79 k-30 crew cab 4x4 I-6cyl. (gas) 4.56 gears
Right on!! I have actually an argument for anyone who puts dvery own the gm diesel. typically try to provide them the right info.
93 K2500 4X4 6.5, 3.5" open exhaust, 3" mandrel downpipe. 285 cooper S/T. Oliver 1750 diesel, Oliver Super 88 diesel tradition engine occupational....Minnie Jet Star
My "93 made it to 337,800 before we blew a head gasket. That was the initially repair I ever before had on it besides rebuilding the starter and also alternator. Follow a rigid constant maintenance schedule and also keep the coolant and exhaust temps in inspect and also a 6.5 will certainly treat you right!! smile.gif We"ve pulled a 4 horse gooseneck with living quarters for 200,000+ of those miles and also relocating mobile residences and also hauling hay on a 40" float.Currently in the middle of a reconstruct given that we were in the middle of her anyway!
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