How many lines on a page

I am creating a record that hregarding have one inch margins, double room using 12pt times brand-new roguy font. How many kind of lines of text have to there be on one page? With the line number on it mirrors 22, yet tbelow is even more than a one inch margin on the bottom.
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Theory says:

72 pts per inch at 12 pt, that equals 6 lines per inch, double room = 3 lines per inch 11 inch page - 2 x 1inch margin = 9 inch 9 inch x 3 lines per inch = 27 lines per page, in theory, on my hands-on typewriter.

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In my2010 installationI tried it and also practice states I obtained 19 lines per web page. Obviously tright here is a gap betweeen concept an practice. In this case 12pt text takes up even more than 12 pts on the page.

Yes there is potential for even more than 1 inch at bottom considering that each line is approx 1/3 inch.

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