If you are looking to buy clip-in hair extensions digital, one of the first inquiries you might have actually is "exactly how execute I know which hair extensions are best for me?

In this blog post, we will explain exactly how to choose the appropriate thickness of hair extensions to suit your hair form, as well as what the distinction is in between the sets. All Luxy Hair extensions are made of the very same high high quality grade remy human hair and also are offered in a full head set, so you will just require one box to finish your transformation.

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The thickness differentiation in each collection does not refer to just how thick each individual strand also is, however fairly, exactly how much hair is attached to each weft. The higher the grams, the more hair tbelow is in each set. Luxy Hair extensions come in 5 weights of differing lengths. 

140g for shorter hair (16") 160g for thin to medium hair (20") 180g for thin to medium hair (20") 220g for thick hair (20") 240g for tool to thick hair (24") And Volume Bundles for also even more volume (16" and also 20")

Let’s take a closer look at the difference in between these weights, or take our quiz below to identify your perfect set.

140 gram sets

140g sets are especially designed for those who have shorter hair and are looking to include volume and not necessarily size. This is because the 140g sets are just easily accessible in 16 inches. 

These sets have actually 140 grams of hair and come with 9 pieces in total: one 4-clip weft, two 3-clip wefts, 2 2-clip wefts, and 4 1-clip wefts.

Let’s take a look at a change via a 140 gram Off Black Luxy Hair collection. 


As you deserve to see, the hair has slightly more length yet alot more volume. To learn just how to blend in hair extensions for mega volume click here.


160 gram sets

160g sets are our most well-known sets, which are appropriate for those who have thin to regular, medium thickness hair and also are looking to add length and natural looking volume to their hair.

This is an instance of a brhelp of someone who has thin hair.


And below is an instance of a brassist with medium thickness hair—not to thin, not as well thick. 


As you can watch, this set adds size and also even more volume to the hair, while still looking organic. Click right here to learn just how to clip-in hair extensions on yourself.


180 gram sets

180g sets are accessible in our Seamless and Halo collections, and are suitable for those who have actually thin to medium thickness hair. The Seamless arsenal comes through 10 wefts of hair, just like our 160g sets, while the Halo arsenal comes via one Halo weft, and two 2-clip challenge framing wefts.

Let’s take a look at the transformation on thick hair with the 180g Off Black Balayage set.


220 gram sets

220g sets are the thickest sets we sell and also are designed for those who:

Already have actually normally thick hair and also desire size. Those who have medium thickness hair however desire a more dramatic voluminous result. And also those who have actually have actually above-shoulder hair length and want even more size and also volume.

This is an example of a brassist of someone that has thick hair. In this case, regularly times hair extensions are supposed to add even more length quite than thickness. If you already have actually thick hair and desire also even more volume, a Volume Bundle will be the method to go (see even more below).

220g sets likewise have actually 10 wefts, just like the 160g sets, however below tbelow is more hair on each weft, making the overall set thicker. The sizes of the wefts are the very same as in the 160g collection. 

Let’s take a look at the transformation on thick hair through a 220g Dark Brvery own set.

You might be thinking, "if I currently have thick hair, why would I have to buy a thick collection when I just want length?"

Well, the factor why you must choose a set that matches your hair form is bereason you want it to blend in normally via your hair. You will certainly must have actually just as much hair previous wbelow your very own hair ends in order for it to look herbal. So, if the extensions aren’t thick enough, they will certainly look stringy at the bottom, and it will be even more obvious that you are wearing hair extensions.


Once aget, right here are three braids of differing thicknesses so you have the right to pick the appropriate collection for you.

Hair extensions for short hair

220g sets are also a recommfinished choice for those that have above-shoulder size hair. The reason for this, is because short hair generally has more blunt edges at the bottom and therefore you will certainly have to have sufficient hair to work-related through in order to create a seamless blfinish. If you have actually really fine hair, then the 160g may work, yet generally 220g sets are the majority of appropriate for those that have shorter hair.

Let’s take a look at the transdevelopment through a 220g Chestnut Brown collection on brief, bluntly reduced hair.

Due to the fact that Luxy Hair extensions are 20 inches lengthy, for those who have layers or shorter hair and still desire the thickest 220g collection, we recommfinish to take the collection to a professional hairstylist and also layer it to your hair. That way, the shift from your very own hair to the extensions will be more seammuch less, and also it will be a lot simpler for you to blfinish the extensions in on a daily basis.

If you would certainly prefer to learn how to blend in clip-in hair extensions via brief hair, click right here. 


240 gram sets

240g sets are only accessible in 24 inches—our longest size. If you are trying to find mermassist size hair and have actually anywhere from thin to thick hair, this weight will be ideal for you.

Let’s take a look at a transdevelopment via a 240g Chocolate Brown Luxy Hair collection.


Volume bundles

For those that are looking to turn up the volume to 11, we sell Volume Bundles in varying lengths and also weights, from 16" 180g sets all the means to 20" 265g sets. These Volume Bundles will be perfect for you if you have medium to thick hair and also are looking to include the maximum amount of volume that you can! 

Here is a change via the 16" 180g Ash Brown Balayage Volume Bundle.


So there you have actually it! The distinction between all the different weights of Luxy Hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are the most basic and also fastest way to add length and volume to your hair without any type of damages.

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Still confused? Take our brief quiz listed below to determine the ideal thickness of Luxy Hair extensions for you.

If you have any type of inquiries, be sure to inspect out our help page or reach out to us directly at info
jiyuushikan.org. Our customer assistance team is constantly right here to assist you!