Those 2 types of objectives seem favor decent methods of obtaining endure, also for a Survival character. I"m looking forward to being able to usage a Vertibird approximately the Republic for quicker travel, but after the mission "Reunions" the Prydwen arrives in the Commonwealth and I am taken to it. I fear when I progress much enough right into the game to achieve access to a Vertibird, I will end the two previously mentioned radiant quests.

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The only thing that will certainly screw that up is if you make adversaries via the Brotherhood by allying as well tightly via the other factions. Specifically, if you save doing the major pursuit lines for the various other factions, you will certainly ultimately get a message prior to accepting a quest, something along the lines of: "warning: this will certainly make you a long-term opponent of the Brotherhood".

On the various other hand, all the other factions have actually equivalent repetitive, semi-random quests also.


As long as Haylen and also Rhys are alive, they will certainly consistently provide you this pursuit, as Preston would via his settlement quest. So go on, take that Vertibird and also have fun messing around

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