Shaquille O"Neal is a champion. Apparently, he desires to store being a champion as his career ends. Last summer, Shaquille chose to sign address the Boston Celtics. It was evident his individual success would take a hit. Regardless, the goal of this move was a lot better.

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It is not uncommon to watch NBA players make substantial efforts to land also on a championship caliber team towards the end of their career. Some players force trades, others authorize cheap contracts and some even come out of retirement to authorize those contracts.

For these players, these moves are strictly only to obtain a championship ring. These players are no longer searching for individual success and significant playing time. They are simply looking to carry out some of what was when an significant talent to a team they think could go "over the hump" with their services.

Without further development, here are the optimal 10 ring-chasers in NBA background. 

10. Ron Artest
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Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The latest championship victor whose location on the championship team was a pure result of a player chasing an NBA championship ring is Ron Artest. The Los Angeles Lakers have actually been a famous team for aging players to chase a ring through, however not all have done well.

Ron Artest met his goal in his first year as a Laker once they repeated as champions in 2010. He might not have actually his ring anyeven more after selling it for charity, yet he is an NBA champion nonetheless.

9. Mitch Richmond
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Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Mitch Richmond is a perfect instance of an aging player trying to find glory. In 2001, Richmond chose to authorize as a cost-free agent via (again) the Los Angeles Lakers in wishes of gaining an NBA championship alongside Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O"Neal.

Mitch went from being one of the league"s the majority of prolific scorers to a garbage time player, scoring just over 4 points per game. In the playoffs, he hardly ever before observed the floor. Whether his contributions were component of the team"s success is debatable, yet he finally gained his ring in 2002.

8. Kevin Willis
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Harry How/Getty Images

One of the earliest players to ever before suit up for a basketball game, Willis when again provided it a go in 2003 via the San Antonio Spurs in really hopes of an NBA Championship.

Similarly to other players on this list, Willis" contributions were sporadic and also hardly influential. After averaging simply about 11 minutes per contest, Willis aided the Spurs win the 2003 NBA Championship.

7. Alonzo Mourning
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Doug Benc/Getty Images

After making it through a life threatening kidney illness that forced beforehand retirement, Alonzo Mourning made his means ago to the NBA court. In 2005, Mourning signed via the Miami Heat, joining forces via Dwayne Wade and former rival Shaquille O"Neal.

His contributions to the Heat allowed for the team to have a strong protective presence in the low block at all times. The combicountry of O"Neal and also Mourning ended up being one of the best center pairs in the league"s history.

After an emotional series against the Dallas Mavericks, Mourning gained his well deserved championship ring in 2006. 

6. Charles Barkley
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So much, these have just been stories about success. For ring-chasers, success is not always met. That is the situation of Charles Barkley, among the best players in NBA background to never win a championship ring.

In 1996, Barkley was component of a blockbuster trade that sent out him to the Houston Rockets, wright here he reunited through Hakeem Olajuwon. While he posted great numbers in Houston, the team"s playoff success was restricted. Barkley saw his two championship runs reduced brief by the Utah Jazz in 1997 and 1998.

5. Michael Finley
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Michael Finley did what not many kind of players in NBA background have actually attempted. He went ring-chasing to an in-state rival team. Finley"s career in Dallas was one of the ideal the team has ever viewed, yet he made the decision to end his career a few miles ameans in San Antonio.

Finley"s manufacturing was limited by constrained minutes from day one. His performance was just not at the level it as soon as was. Towards the finish, he hardly witnessed the floor for more than 10 or 15 minutes per dispute. Regardless, he did win the NBA championship he wanted.

As if that wasn"t sufficient, Finley as soon as aacquire went ring-chasing, however this time through the Boston Celtics, wright here his goal was not met.

4. Chris Webber
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Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Chris Webber considered retirement a few times prior to coming back for a championship run via the Detroit Pisloads in 2007. Many type of considered the huge man to be a huge plus for a Detroit team poised to make another championship run. That was not the instance.

Webber did help the Pisloads reach the playoffs and development to the Eastern Conference Finals, yet his championship run was cut by LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Chris did attempt to suit up once again for the complying with season via Golden State, although that move deserve to hardly be considered ring-chasing.

3. Karl Malone
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Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

In 2004, Karl Malone joined the Los Angeles Lakers, along with Gary Payton, to create among the ideal super-friends teams the league has actually viewed in a while. After joining pressures through Shaquille O"Neal and Kobe Bryant, the Lakers were as soon as again a championship completing team.

Everypoint went well for most of the seaboy, although it was clearly an adjustment for Malone to be the third or fourth choice offensively. The team got to the NBA Finals that year, where they were ousted by the Detroit Pistons.

Although Karl Malone was unable to win a championship in his career, he did make the ideal of efforts to do so in joining the Lakers in his last year.

2. Gary Payton
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Gary Payton will one day be inducted in the Hall of Fame as one of the finest suggest guards the league has ever viewed. In his prime years, Payton was a defensive and offensive force. He brought his team to constant seaboy success and put himself and also his team in contention for an NBA championship a number of times. This was not sufficient to reach the final goal.

After Payton"s prime years were done, only one goal continued to be, an NBA championship. In 2004, Payton joined the Los Angeles Lakers, wright here he had the opportunity to play through 3 other all-stars in Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O,Neal and also Karl Malone. That still was not enough to reach the last goal.

In 2006, Gary Payton embraced a reserve duty via the Miami Heat. Finally in this year, Payton had the ability to arise as an NBA champion after the Heat beat the Mavericks in the 2006 finals.

1. Shaquille O'Neal
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Shaquille O"Neal was won 4 NBA championships, the latter being through a Miami Heat team featuring Dwayne Wade and also former all-stars Alonzo Mourning and Gary Payton.

One can say O"Neal"s career has actually been a complete success, however season after seachild, it seems as if O"Neal is still fiercely looking for yet an additional ring. He forced a trade to the Phoenix Suns in the 2007-2008 seachild, looking to lug the Suns their first NBA championship next to MVP Steve Nash and also all-star Stoudemire. That did not work-related.

After the Phoenix experiment failed in two seasons, he determined to pressure yet another trade, this time to Cleveland also to play alongside LeBron James. That did not work-related either.

Most recently, Shaquille O"Neal signed a resolve the Boston Celtics. Although he has not played many kind of games, it seems as if Boston will once again be completing for one more NBA championship, making O"Neal the fiercest ring-chaser in NBA background.

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