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Tonight is the start of the finish ofGame of Thrones‘ last seakid. Seachild 8 Episode 5 is the penultimate episode, and next week will certainly be the finale. How lengthy will tonight’s be? Read on for details and also the schedule for the last component of the season.

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Tonight’s episode is 1 hour and also 22 minutes lengthy, but the runtime is provided as 1 hour and 20 minutes total in size (aka 80 minutes.) That’s quite a little bit much longer than Episodes 1 and 2 of Seachild 8, and 2 minutes longer than last week’s episode, The Last of the Starks. However, it’s 2 minutes shorter than the longest episode of the season, which featured the Battle of Winterdropped in Episode 3’s The Long Night. This episode and also next week’s finale will be the exact same length, so don’t be disappointed if you were expecting the finale to be the longest episode of the seakid. That crowning accomplishment saw Episode 3.

According to the show’s TV listings, tonight’s episode will certainly begin at 9 p.m. Eastern and finish at 10:22 p.m. Eastern (aka 8 p.m Central to 9:22 p.m. Central.) Technically, the runtime for tonight is 80 minutes lengthy, so the credits and also trailer will probably add an added two minutes to the schedule.

As of the time of publication, tbelow are no official titles yet for tonight’s episode. We most likely won’t have a title till the episode finishes airing. TV Guide presently lists the synopsis for tonight as being: “The Night King lastly breaches the Wall alongside a full-grown dragon under his command; the brand-new alliances and betrayals will certainly identify the fate of everyone in Westeros.” This has actually obviously been the exact same synopsis that TV Guide has run for eextremely episode of Seaboy 8, so it’s not revealing anypoint brand-new and also it’s pretty outdated. Tonight’s episode number is Episode 72.

Here are the lengths for each episode in the last seachild.

Episode 1: 54 minutesEpisode 2: 58 minutesEpisode 3: 1 hour 22 minutesEpisode 4: 1 hour 18 minutesEpisode 5 (tonight): 1 hour 20 minutesEpisode 6: 1 hour 20 minutes

Episode 3 was directed by Miguel Sapochnik, who additionally directed The Gift, Hardresidence, and also Battle of the Bastards. Last week’s Episode 4 was directed by David Nutter, that directed Episodes 1 and also 2. Tonight’s episode will be directed by Miguel Sapochnik aget, which is why many type of people are predicting a large battle in between Jon Snow and also Dany’s armies versus Cersei and the Golden Company kind of. Episode 6, the finale, will be directed by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

Be certain to inspect ago on this author’s web page from time to time, as I’ll be posting theories and discussions around the episode after it airs.

The longest episode in Season 6 was the Seachild 6 finale,Winds of Winter, which clocked in for 68 minutes. The Season 7 finale was much longer: 79 minutes and also 43 seconds. Last week’s episode was the longest episode for Video Game of Thronesyet, a little more than 2 minutes longer than the Season 7 finale. Tonight’s episode could be shorter than Episode 3 of this seaboy, however it’s still much longer than the Seakid 6 or Seakid 7 finales. This helps to put things in perspective, so we don’t take for granted the episode lengths. We’re actually obtaining some good, almost movie-size episodes, even though the seakid itself is shorter than most fans would choose.

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