If you’re buying a brand-new phone, you could be curious to uncover out just just how old your tool is. However before, the strategy to execute so differs from one manufacturer to an additional.

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Impressively, an iPhone provides you also even more methods to uncover out the manufacture day. A Dutch webwebsite dubbed Chipmunks supplies a platdevelop wright here you have the right to inspect your phone’s details for totally free. Here’s what you need to do:

Visit the Chipmunk webwebsite with your iPhone’s web web browser. You can likewise do this utilizing a PC or Mac.
Click on “Laat de indevelopmental,” loosely interpreted to suppose “Provide Information.” This have to, among various other points, show you your phone’s manufacture day.
If your phone is unlocked, the Cellular menu will certainly incorporate a “Cellular Data alternative.”
Click on “General.”

How to Tell How Old Your LG Phone Is

The many trusted method to find out specifically once your LG phone was produced involves downloading and install the LG phone details application from the application save.

Additionally, you deserve to use the online IMEI checker. You simply have to enter your phone’s IMEI number in the search box and click on “Check.”

How to Tell How Old Your Motorola Phone Is

Similar to Google phones, you can find indevelopment on specifically as soon as your Motorola phone was manufactured under Setups. In most Motorola models, this information additionally appears in package.

Further FAQ

How to Kcurrently If Your Old Phone Is Unlocked?

There’s a trusted approach to test whether your phone is locked. You simply need to remove your sim card and also replace it via another one from a different carrier. If you’re able to make a speak to through the new sim card, your phone is unlocked. If not, your phone is most most likely locked to the first carrier.

How Do You Check How Long You’ve Had Your Phone?

You deserve to discover out exactly how long you’ve had your existing phone by contacting your network provider. They’ll have a in-depth document of all of your transactions.

How Can I Find My Old Phone Number?

If you have actually your old phone in good functioning problem, proceed as follows:

• Open your phone’s settings.

• Click on “About Phone.”

• Select “Status.”

• Click on “My phone number.”

Conversely, you can ask a friend or family member or scour via your taxation records.

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How to Enable Find My Phone?

If utilizing an iOS device:

• Open the settings app


• Select “Find My”


For Android users:

• Open the settings app

• Select “Find My Device”

Can I Keep My Old Phone?

Yes. Preferably, you should take it to a phone keep and also ask them to inspect it out to see if it’s still usable. However before, you might need to unlock your phone in order to usage it aobtain. Your old carrier have the right to perform that for you as soon as the contract duration has elapsed.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how old your phone is deserve to assist you to plan on your following purchase. Besides, it deserve to help you to create whether your phone is safeguarded against the latest cybersecurity hazards. With the indevelopment in our write-up, you have the right to currently jump best in to inspect just just how old your device is. Have you had actually any obstacles trying to find out exactly how old your phone is? Do you have any related hacks to share?