Professional In-Salon Spray Tan or Self-Tan

Try both! – many world carry out both – use self-tanner between salon visits

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Bronzer or No Bronzer

Bronzer is a short-term cosmetic color – which is especially great as soon as you desire an excellent tan appropriate now. The cosmetic bronzer washes off in your following shower– simply favor a make-up structure.

BronzerFor a experienced in-salon spray tan session, you can select from approximately 4 various shades of Mystic Tan bronzer. The salon experienced deserve to help you select the shade that will certainly best boost your individual skin tone. Mocha-Kyssed: warmth brvery own undertones for a timeless, bronze tanIsland-Kyssed: cool brvery own with violet undertones for a deep exotic tanSun-Kyssed: heat brvery own through subtle red undertones for a ‘day in the sun’ tanHoney-Kyssed: heat brvery own through gold undertones for a glowing tan. For self-tanner, Mystic Tan is the initially self-tanning line that uses multiple bronzers, each through a various undertone, to create a practice organic glow for each individual skin tone, for eexceptionally style, seakid and also occasion.No Bronzer For a professional in-salon spray tan session, in the salon, you deserve to choose an extensive tan (occasionally referred to as ‘clear’). It goes on your skin clear, and also your tan establishes over the complying with 2-4 hours. For a self-tanner without a bronzer, you have the right to use Mystic Tan Gradual Tan. The silky lotion will certainly fulfill all your skin’s day-to-day moisturization and hydration requirements, while building a small (extra) color, day by day. Maximum color intensity is got to in around one week.


Self-Tan Lotion or Spray

Lotion is excellent for tanners who want even more regulate over the depth of their tan. With lotion, you can quickly use much less, or even more. It does take much longer to apply lotion vs. the spray. Spray is best for the human being that want to acquire a quick, simple and also also full-body tan. However, tbelow is over-spray, so we recommend applying in the bathroom, or shower, where surdeals with can quickly be waburned down.



In a skilled salon, you have the right to pick from multiple scents to include that additional spark to your spray tan experience. Scents incorporate Coconut Lime, Beach Days, Sport, Fresh, Summer Dream and also Yum! New scents are included eexceptionally seakid – like Starbucks. All self-tan commodities are formulated through our number one scent, Fresh – a crisp linen and also citrus fragrance.

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Deeper, Faster … Yep, you check out that right!

Both Booster and Accelerator will certainly balance your skin’s pH level so the tan will certainly develop within 2-4 hrs, AND your tan will be darker and also more even. Booster deserve to be used prior to using any type of self-tan product, and also Accelerator is a Myxer that can be included to any type of expert in-salon spray tan session.