Reading is a ability that gets better through the even more you check out. And publications are among the best techniques of gaining new information (link). But one factor many kind of human being don’t review it because of the moment it would certainly take them to finish a book. How lengthy to check out 100 peras is a question that many world ask to gain an estimate. What seems favor an easy question is rather complicated as soon as we began analyzing points.

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Multiple determinants step in when it comes to just how lengthy it takes to review 100 peras or any type of variety of pages. What are these factors, we’ll talk about later on in the article. Also how long would certainly you take, at different analysis speeds to finish some of the most well known novels?

How long to read 100 pages? The average speed

It is said that the average speed of reading is around 300 words per minute. By average, we suppose normal liteprice world who have the right to review and comprehend at a normal rate. Of course, some people read incredibly quick and some that review extremely slow-moving.

So at 300 words per minute, you’ll need 2 hours and 45 minutes approximately. At 100 peras per 2 hours and also 45 minutes, a normal novel would take about 13 hours and 35 minutes (assuming the book is 500 pages long) of consistent reading. But no one reads in one sitting.

If you read for just an hour, you have the right to finish the novel in about 14 days. Add another comparable book in a month you have the right to finish 2 publications. How many kind of words did you read? About 500,000 words! That is a lot, simply an average speed.

How long to read 200, 300, 400…words?

The rate of speed alters as you go via the book. This suggests that if it took you 3 hours to complete the initially 100 pages, it can take you even more than 3 hours to complete the following 100 peras. But still, we have actually put the numbers.


A Tune of Ice and also Fire (A Game of Thrones) has around 1.7 million words, disseminated in 5 publications. At average analysis speed, it would certainly take 98 hrs to finish it, or 98 days to complete at an hour per day.

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The longest book in the English language is A Remembrance of Things Past or In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust. The book is a whopping 9.6 million words hefty. So to finish the book in average speed, you’ll require over 530 hours to finish it. An hour a day would need almost 2 years to complete the book.