How long does it take to download a movie on itunes

When you buy a things from the iTunes Store, the amount of time it takes to downpack your purchase will vary according to the file"s dimension and also your Internet link speed.

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I have an 80 Mbps link and it took 5 hrs to download a movie through standard meaning from itunes through my tv. It took 3 minutes as soon as I offered netflix on my ps3. Where is supports response to these problems....there are hundreds of articles of world through the very same problems? confirms my download speed is 80 Mbps! I have actually reset and also rebegan my tv and also downfill speeds of movies are still unacceptably slow!

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I had the same issue. Rented a movie in 1080p from ITunes to my jiyuushikan.orgTV and the downfill sassist it would certainly take 3 hrs 18 mins and was stuck tright here for 5 mins. I ssuggest went to settings>system>rebegin which solved my difficulty and also the movie was instantly easily accessible.

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I Agree this is very frustrating. I have actually same issue. wifi connection is solid.Go to iTunes to rent a movie and also get the purchase confirmed just to learn the movie will certainly take 3 to 5 hrs to down pack befor we are able to watch. I tried your tip on restart it that did not work. Hit check out movie I purchased through itunes and it comes up " all set to play in 3 hours 47 minutes......?

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I have a connected issue, wonder if anyone can help:

Just moved to South Africa. We have actually a brand new TV which seems to work-related fine. It is linked by means of our wireless rexternal with wonderful signal stamina. Our internet link is really slow-moving, about 3mb - but for some reason our brand-new free trial to Netflix (using TV) plays content easily and with no hiccups. However....the TV reflects we bought on iTunes prior to we moved to SA take forever before to pack - as much as 2 hrs for a 55 minute episode. My question therefore is: How have the right to Netflix be so quick yet iTunes be so slow ?? They are using the same TV, linked to the same slow-moving Wifi, so surely there shouldn"t be a lot difference. My brand-new TV has actually lots of spare GB storage, so tright here shouldn"t be a buffering problem. It is really frustrating.