No pilgrimage to India is complete without a soptimal at the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra. While Agra does have some cool sites to see a lot of people want to pop in for a day and check out the Taj Mahal and also the Agra Fort then relocate on. It’s understandable and I’m here to assist you make those plans. When I went from Delhi to Agra on a day pilgrimage to the Taj Mahal from Delhi, I took a regional bus and also occurred to have actually Dengue Fever before at the time – so it wasn’t enjoyable. I have been going through emails and seeing what is asked the a lot of and also exactly how to obtain to the Taj Mahal from Delhi is asked at least 10x a week so it’s around time I provided you some alternatives.

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Agra is about 4 hours from Delhi and maybe just 3.5 if you go in the middle of the night to reach there by sunclimb. It’s a brief distance and also it is more than possible to go there for a “day trip” if that’s what you choose.

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How to Make a Day Trip to the Taj Mahal from Delhi

The first alternative I’m going to talk about is to just add Agra into your itinerary and also go tbelow by public transportation from Delhi then move on to the next location from Agra. The problem via this is that going onward from Agra occasionally suggests going ago to Delhi as it’s a huge hub to catch long trains and also buses. Therefore, passing with Agra isn’t always an excellent choice yet you should view if it works for you.

Public transportation is straightforward and tright here are many kind of bprovides that go from Delhi to Agra throughout the day. If you want to gain tright here for sunincrease you must leave by 330 in the morning. Woguys traveling solo might not be okay via that, so in that situation, I recommfinish not taking a regional bus but rather a “tourist bus”. Here’s some information around booking boffers in India. Keep in mind in the time of some times of the year, tright here is also a lot fog to drive on the highmethod that early in the morning and also tours will not run.

If you’re even more interested in taking a “tourist bus” this would certainly intend booking it either online at or if you can get your international card to job-related. You deserve to also simply pop into any tourist agency (you’ll check out them everywhere) or ask your hotel to book this for you. Prices for a regional bus could be as cheap as 50 rupees while a tourist bus might expense you 400 rupees.

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Moving on to even more options, you might choose a exclusive A/C vehicle ride tbelow. These have the right to be arranged with your hotel or an firm when you reach tright here. They will certainly charge you comgoals on this which could be rather high. If you would fairly book this ahead of time via a reputable firm then I recommend either of these 2 options:

Someone will certainly go to the Taj with you so they deserve to take your picture in front of it and help keep world from swarming you for selfies. It’s so affordable and also booking it ahead would simply take off the anxiety of finding your own ride or organizing public transportation, rickshaws to the bus station, and also all the rest of it!

So, that’s it – the alternatives for a day expedition to the Taj Mahal from Delhi and also finishing earlier in Delhi. I hope this will certainly assist you via your India plans.

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