How does Amoeba achieve its Food?

An amoeba eats tiny plants and also pets present in pond water where it stays.An amoeba takes in food by extending arm-favor frameworks referred to as pseudopodia from any kind of part of its body, given that it is shapeless.

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When a food ppost comes near the amoeba, then the amoeba produces two pseudopodia about the food ppost and surrounds it.

Digestion Process in an Amoeba

The two pseudopodia then join around the food particle and also trap it in a food vacuole through a tiny water.The food vacuole contains digestive enzymes which break down the food right into nutrients and undigested waste.

The nutrients from the food are straight took in by the body of the amoeba, the cytoplasm.The undigested wastes are simply thrvery own out of the body with a rupture almost everywhere in the cell wall.After the nutrients are absorbed, the vacuole disshows up.

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