Both expect zipper however which one is widespread in constant speech? Is tbelow any subtle difference between the words as in the form of zipper they refer to? I am specifically interested in Mexihave the right to usage.

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Cierre is an simpler, lazier means to describe zipper. It literally suggests close; a conjugation of to close.

Cremallera is actually a zipper, the mechanism use to sign up with openings in fabrics.


In Spain is a lot more prevalent to hear cremallera. You could use cierre and human being would still understand also you, provided that there is enough context

Se me ha enganchaexecute el cierre.

Actually, the meaning of cremallera is

el cierre que se aplica a una abertura longitudinal cierre en prendas de vestir o bolsos.

which means that various other pieces of clothes without a zipper deserve to be sassist to have a "cierre", which may consist in buttons, velcro or various other things. Actually it appears that in some locations, favor Argentina, Perú and Uruguay the cremallera is known as cierre relámpago.

According to wikipedia the zipper is recognized as

Cremallera in Spain and also ColombiaCierre (or cierre relámpago) in Paraguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Bolithrough, Chile, Colombia, Perú, Venezuela and also UruguayZíper or zipper in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras Nicaragua, Panamá and Dominican Republic
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