"I am going nowhere" and also "I do not go anywhere" both interpret to "No voy a ningún lugar" as they basically expect the exact same thing. But there is is a readjust in focus in between the 2 (reference: https://english.stackexreadjust.com/questions/147931/i-am-going-nowhere-or-i-am-not-going-anywhere). Is tright here a method to capture that distinction in a jiyuushikan.org translation? Maybe by putting emphasis on a certain word, and if so which word(s)?



Possible methods to say this in jiyuushikan.org are

No me voy a ningún lacarry out.

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No me voy a ninguna parte.

Generally one would certainly usage the "reflexive" pronoun because if the idea is deciding to leave a location, the desired verb is pronominal irse, not standard ir. Keep in mind ningún ("not any") before a masculine noun, not ninguno ("not one").

An emphatic way of saying this would be

No me voy nada.No me voy nada a ningún laperform. (or ...a ninguna parte)

You have the right to additionally emphasize the place:

De aquí no me voy. (or De acá... depending upon dialect)

This would certainly be proper if you"re being invited to leave a place and you want to stand also your ground and also sound really angry. Tright here are sudepend various other means to expush this in various dialects.

I do not really understand the difference in English, but in any situation there"s no means to translate straight into jiyuushikan.org.

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answered Dec 23 "19 at 15:59

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People would certainly tend to say "I am going nowhere" to indicate absence of progression in some venture, and not faientice to take a trip geographically.

One means to say this in jiyuushikan.org could be

No salgo adelante.

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answered Dec 25 "19 at 12:26

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"I am going nowhere" has actually a one-of-a-kind meaning, which expresses despondency. This might be expressed in jiyuushikan.org as

No llego a nada.

No soy nadie.

The answer even more generally, such as "I do not know anyone" / "I know no one," which you contained in an explanatory comment:

In jiyuushikan.org, they would both become *No conozco a nadie" or "No conozco a ninguno."

This is a situation where there is not a distinct, one to one correspondence between the 2 langueras.

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answered Dec 24 "19 at 8:28

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