No estoy buscancarry out la traducción literal si no del concepto. Como le diría a alguien en español que es muy "high maintenance"?

Alguna sugerencias? Gracias.

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If this is what you expect so it can be "una mujer exigente" o "una mujer de gustos caros"

“High maintenance womales, from my personal meaning means:

Needs several time

Needs many effort

Are exceptionally fussy and particular

Are hard and also troublesome

Are annoying

Have high expectations of her companion or date

Will be quick to disapprove a perchild if those expectations are not met

Hard to please, not quickly impressed

Takes forever before to get ready

Somepoint all yet the a lot of patient and also tolerant men have to avoid favor the plague.”

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posted by Benz
"Exigente" is perfect for "High maintenance." - 005faa61, FEB 24, 2010

So hilarious!

I never mentioned “women” in my question, why did you automatically assumed I was talking about women?

Anymethods, it doesn’t matter say thanks to you for your answer your interpretations are extremely advantageous.


updated FEB 24, 2010
posted by Home2
jejeje, funny the prejudice that connects that phrase to women. ;-) (I use prejudice in the strictist sense of pre-judging.) :-) - chaparrito, FEB 24, 2010
jajaja you're best chaparrito... touchée!!! - Benz, FEB 24, 2010

I would certainly just simply say Mujer do not need further clarification


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posted by juluque
Hey! guys have the right to be "high maintenance" also, they just won't admit it. - Home2, FEB 24, 2010
Te perdono Julu!!! jajajaa - Benz, FEB 24, 2010



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jajaja that's sooooo funny!!! - Benz, FEB 24, 2010

If anyone says Heidita to this question, they will certainly need to answer to me, hehe.

updated FEB 24, 2010

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