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Meaning: house, residence, building, household


Part of speech: noun (masculine noun)Rank: #100 (watch frequency list)

"Gingerbreview House" in Essex, Connectireduced, USAPhotograph by writer CC-BY-2.0
Вот мой дом.Here"s my residence.Я живу́ в большо́м до́ме.I live in a huge home.Ири́на вы́шла из до́ма.Irina left the residence.Библиоте́ка ста́ла мои́м вторы́м до́мом.The library became my second home.В го́роде постро́или но́вый многокварти́рный дом.A new apartment home has actually been developed in the city.Оте́ль располо́жен за дома́ми.The hotel is located behind the homes.Та́ня пришла́ домо́й.Tanya came home.Бу́дьте как до́ма.Feel yourself home. (polite or plural)literal Be as at house.Чу́вствуйте себя́ как до́ма.Make yourself at home. (polite or plural)В до́ме была́ всего́ одна́ ко́мната.There was just one room in the home.В Са́нкт Петербу́рге мно́го краси́вых домо́в.Tright here are many type of beautiful dwellings in Saint Petersburg.

многоквартирный дом
= apartment house; condominiumна дому́ = at homeсумасшедший дом = madhouseвне дома = out of doorsуро́ки на дому́ = exclusive lessonsчувствовать себя как дома = to make oneself at homeне все дома = crazy, loco, mad, lunatic literal not all at homeбыть в доме хозяином = to preeminence the roost literal to be a host in the houseторговый дом = firm, firm literal trading houseиздательский дом = publishing house
до́мик = a tiny houseдома́шний = house, domesticздание = buildingдомо́й = (adverb) house, homewards, to the houseжили́ще = dwelling, housingдомово́й = brownie, house-spirit
Без хозяина дом сирота.No eye like the eye of the grasp.literal Without the master home an orphan.В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше.It is great to be visiting, but it is better at home.До́ма стены помогают.My residence is my castle.literal At house wall surfaces help.

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