I am transjiyuushikan.orgg the phrases "Before the Fire" and "After the Fire" right into Classical jiyuushikan.org. These are provided for dating in a fashion comparable to how B.C.E./B.C. and C.E./A.D. are provided for dates in the western human being.

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Ante Incendium and Post Incendium seem like the noticeable options, assuming that the noun makes sense, but is tright here somepoint potentially more poetic sounding?

Edit: Per a comment from brianpck and a post I made prior to around transjiyuushikan.orgg "whatever burns" right into jiyuushikan.org, would somepoint choose ab Omnia Incensa make feeling, and also how would certainly that be abbreviated?


Incendium is an excellent word for a huge, out-of-manage fire, and you"ve provided it correctly. But if you don"t want to be that literal, exactly how around ruīna? It"s the resource of English "ruin", but means somepoint choose "catastrophe, calamity, downloss, disaster"—Vergil supplies it as soon as talking about the fevery one of Troy.

If you go with this, you might note your years ante ruīnam and write-up ruīnam: "before the destruction" and also "because the destruction".


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