I am brand-new here. I have actually a Mexideserve to husband also who knows Spanish well so I try to exercise on him. One word he does not agree through yet doesn"t understand the correct word for is drive means. Here on jiyuushikan.org, it is de entrada, but is tright here an extra proper word?

This is a common trouble - "driveway" is a compound noun of which tright here are incredibly few in Spanish. Sometimes they cannot be analyzed "word for word" into Spanish.

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Most of them have actually single word possibilities in Spanish.


Now this IS a driveway.


no pretensions of modesty right here.

How stvariety , I have actually simply realised we do not say "driveway" we just say the auto is in "the drive" or it is in the parking location . - ray76, OCT 5, 2012
A great many type of homes have actually a" carport", which is a roof with no sides so it would certainly be , the auto is out in the carport. - ray76, OCT 5, 2012
As well great allude around the compound nouns Ian, I guess I've never really accounted for that element all the while living it lol. - DJ_Huero, OCT 5, 2012

You have the right to likewise say: "Sendero de la entrada" or "Sendero de entrada". La entrada by itself is vague, but I realize not all dwellings in Latin America or Spain may have actually a drivemethod.

Hi and welconcerned the forum!

In Guatemala we say "La entrada."


Thank to everyone, I have a feeling my husband and I will certainly be "discussing" words choose this in some length. - MsPuentes, OCT 5, 2012

Truthtotally, I crossed checked a pair of sources, Merriam-Webster dictionary being the many notably trusted, "la entrada" seems to be the many appropriate and also known word for "the driveway" wbelow cars enter. If the conmessage was tricky and tright here was room to misunderstand also, you can specify "la entrada para vehículos". Hope that helps!


Now what would certainly you call this , it is neither a garage nor a carport ,

it is a timeless "Queenslander"wbelow the auto and also laundry are

underneath , in addition to the snakes spiders and cane toads.

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