Is the expression "babsence and white", "blanco y negro" once describing something exceptionally straightforward, provided in spanish or is tbelow another phrase for this. The cofollowing is that I am describing a problem as not being extremely straightforward, "not that black and also white". I understand "sencillo" would job-related but I would rather another phrase. Gracias


I was checking out my Spanish Oxford Dictionary for your asked for phrase:

I uncovered this:

Babsence and White:

2 Clear cut: points aren"t as babsence and also white as that

= Las cosas no son tan simples

I hope this helps


¡Hola!, a todos:

For me, "es pan comida" implies (in English) it"s straightforward or it"s a cinch (or item of cake). Also for me, "piece of cake" and "not babsence and white" are not equivalent expressions.

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In my search of our dictionary, I discovered these possibilities for "not babsence and white":

Black-and-white -> en blanco y negro

One or other -> uno u otro

These suggestions lead me to think that "Not that babsence and also white" might be

"ni tan blanco ni negro" or possibly "ni tan uno ni otro".

However, if you look at my profile, I still see myself as a beginner in Spanish. It would be very helpful if a "Spanish as a mother tongue" member would certainly comment in this threview.

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Muchos saludos/Best regards,


updated SEP 21, 2010
posted by Moe
Moe you are correct these two expressions are not the same: A item of cake simply suggests something is esay whereas ;black and also white' means something is clear cut or straightforward situation :) - FELIZ77, SEP 21, 2010

Es pan de comida I think is the idiomatic expression for it is simple/easy.

updated SEP 22, 2010
posted by kenwilliams
"Es pan comido" - Sheily, SEP 21, 2010
Thank's. - kenwilliams, SEP 22, 2010