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Waze pronunciation (Mobile, agency, business)
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Gilah G.

I heard an interesting conversationYesterday discovering at a store..The woman mentioned she necessary to use waze to gain house quickly. The hipster cashier told her " it"s pronounced wah-zay , not waze like maze"She just rolled her eyes and also asked " considering that when?"I think the totality line made a cumulative eye roll when he corrected her..So just how DO you pronounce waze?

Wayzzzzz ... as in "Which ways to go?"Hear it from Waze"s CEO: http://www.wsj.com/video/waze-ceo-no...D59CC0601.html
It"s pronounced "Google"
Google, in their public announcement as soon as they bought the agency for $1.1 billion, pronounced it "ways". I have actually done the majority of tech organization with Israelis where Waze came from. They pronounce it "ways", too.
Wayzzzzz ... as in "Which ways to go?"Hear it from Waze"s CEO: Waze CEO Noam Bardin at D: Dive Into Mobile
"ways" is correct. I simply watched the video, and the interviewer and firm representative say it like "ways", rhymes with "maze".

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That douchebag is probably a component of the legion of civilization that think that is is...just so very witty...to pronounce Tarobtain as "Tar-ghey". My advice is to overlook those human being, and also to stop them whenever feasible.

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