what does" this far" mean?is it a synonym for"hence far"?and what does it expect in this example:" Oh I guess we made it,Or at leastern we made it this much,And it all looks smooth from below."?


This is actually a far better question than I believed when I initially looked at it. Especially for non-indigenous speakers, I deserve to understand also just how this far versus therefore far can be confutilizing.

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Far just implies a lengthy distance. That"s the easy part.

Hence far suggests "to this degree or degree", which is the fourth meaning provided by Random Housage, BUT what I can add as a indigenous speaker is that when supplied under this interpretation it retains an facet of its primary interpretations of "in this way/manner". Keep in mind that thus is mostly provided as an adverb (and also occasionally a sentence connector). interpretation here

This far suggests "to the degree or degree indicated", which is the nine defintion offered by Random House, and the only definition by them as soon as this is supplied as an adverb, BUT what I have the right to include as a aboriginal speaker is that when offered under this meaning it retains an facet of its other definitions of "at present, near". definition here

Thus far is comparable to so far or up till now, interpretation it is provided to show a period from some previously suggest to the present allude. For circumstances, suppose you and also I have actually been collaborating on a study project for two months and I want to say that over that duration I think we have actually made a lot of progress. I could say "Thus far our research study has actually been very fertile." The emphasis is evenly dispersed over the entirety period.

This far is even more concentrated on the here and now than for this reason far. This far has some similar definition to achievement or accomplishment in that it is construed there was a journey to gain to the here and also now however the focus is on the existing. Suppose that you and I want to try out for our school soccer team and we know that it will certainly be many work-related, and specifically the initially 2 weeks which are hefty conditioning drills which we have heard are incredibly strenuous. We sign up with the team together however after a pair of days we are wondering if perhaps we took on too a lot and even reasoning about quitting. But after the two weeks we are but still alive and also on the team and we recognize the methods will certainly acquire much easier going forward (though they will certainly still be demanding). I could say, at that suggest, "well, we made it this far so we could too stay on the team." The emphasis is on wbelow we are currently, which in compariboy to wbelow we were is meant to be a lot easier going forward.

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This example I gave above is extremely comparable to what is being described in the song lyrics you mention. The construed interpretation is that they have actually get over obstacles and also that"s a big success ("we made it, or at leastern we made it this far") and that in compariboy to wbelow they were, going forward from wbelow they are now looks to be "smooth".