How do you delete bookmarks on a mac

People frequently surf internet to buy or sell goods, email, play games, watch movies, videos, listen to music etc. And as they find excellent websites which they desire to revisit aget then they ssuggest bookmark them on their internet browsers. These bookmarks are stored on their Mac computers and also are invisible to customers. However before, as days go by you begin to bookmark more and more websites, which inevitably slows dvery own your internet performance. So, if you are a Mac user that have actually many unwanted bookmarks and also desire to delete the exact same, then below is an short article simply for you. After reading this article, you deserve to delete all bookmarks current on Mac conveniently, simply go through the below discussed procedure to rerelocate all bookmarks.

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In Safari:

Click "Safari" icon on your Mac to launch the internet browserClick "Bookmarks" from Safari menu and then click on "Sexactly how All Bookmarks" The browser displays a list of your bookmarked pagesChoose the bookmarks which you desire to delete and click on “Delete” to remove the booknote (You deserve to additionally choose one or multiple bookmarks and also push “Delete” key)If you want to delete all bookmarks at once then ssuggest go to "Edit” --> "Select All”, and also lastly click "Delete" button

In Chrome:

Open “Google Chrome” and then go to “Bookmark Manager”Sindicate right-click on the bookmark that you would certainly choose to deleteAnd then select “Delete” from the menu

In Mozilla:

Open Firefox --> Go to “Bookmarks” and also then “Sjust how All Bookmarks” --> Choose the preferred bookmark, then best click and also press “Delete” essential (if you wish to remove all bookmarks then go to “All bookmarks” Tab and also click “Delete” alternative from the menu)

Nevertheless, this hand-operated technique is time consuming, little little facility and also the bookmarks choice differs on various internet browser versions. However before, you deserve to manipulate reputable 3rd party software program favor “Remo MORE” to immediately search and also rerelocate all bookmarks on Mac machine with ease. This application is the finest answer for the question how to delete all bookmarks on Mac machine.

Brief introduction

Remo MORE is an outstanding application to delete all bookmarks stored on your Mac computer system. This tool is designed with advanced developed in algorithms using which you deserve to clear all bookmarks from your Mac based desktop computer or lappeak in a really brief amount of time. Other than bookmarks the tool also helps in clearing background, cookies, temp files, cache files, log papers, etc which subsequently conserves many complimentary space on your Mac machine. It also enables you to remove duplicate records from your Mac machine tough drive.

Salient attributes of the product

It is compatible to run on all the latest versions of Mac operating systemsThe tool is exceptionally portable, user can conveniently bring it in their pocket pen drive or memory cardThis app is totally free of costIt is designed with basic and user friendly interfaceTechnical assistance is provided to its customers on all 365 days of the year

Follow these steps to delete all bookmarks on Mac

Step1: Downpack Remo MORE software application on your Mac Machine and install the exact same, pick “Optimize” alternative create the primary window as provided in


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Tip 2: From the following display select "Privacy Cleaner" choice to delete bookmarks on Mac as given in


Step3: From the third display screen select “Clean Browser Junk” option to clear all bookmarks as offered in


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Steps 4: Now from this display pick the browser and also information that you want to clear. After this click on “Clean” switch to delete all bookmarks on Mac as provided in