Getting sick while you are ameans on a expedition can be scary, so health-associated vocabulary is a great area to begin as soon as learning a new language.

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Hopecompletely, you will certainly not must usage the majority of of these words, but they perform say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With that in mind, let"s look at some vocabulary that might come in advantageous in a clinical emergency.


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What is inside likewise matters, so let"s look at a few more words:

El hueso - BoneEl músculo - MuscleLa sangre - BloodEl pulmón - LungEl corazón - HeartEl estómearlier - StomachEl hígacarry out - LiverEl apéndice - AppendixEl intestino - IntestineLa vejiga - BladderLa vesícula - GallbladderEl riñón - Kidney

Typical Symptoms and also Illnesses in

The following thing you will should recognize is exactly how to explain what you are feeling in To execute that, you might desire to usage some of the following descriptive words and also terms.


Most adjectives adjust their last letter depending on the gender of the noun you pair them through. When 2 alternatives are offered, usage the "-o" ending for masculine nouns and also the "-a" finishing for feminine ones.

Inflamado/a - SwollenSensible - SensitiveDolorido/a - In pain or soreIrritado/a - IrritatedUrgente - Urgent


Here are some various other prevalent symptoms you can should explain:

La quemadura - BurnLa fiebre - FeverLa nariz tapada - Stuffy noseDificultad para respirar - Shortness of breathLa tos - CoughLa presión alta - High blood pressureLa presión baja - Low blood pressureEl mareo - DizzinessEl vómito - VomitEl dolor - PainLa acidez - HeartburnLa migraña - MigraineEl calambre - CrampLas convulsiones - Seizure


Finally, right here are some common illnesses and conditions in and also their English equivalents:

La diabetes - DiabetesLa alergia - AllergyLa gripe - FluEl resfrío - ColdLa artritis - ArthritisLa insolación - SunstrokeLa picadura de abeja/avispa - Bee/Wasp stingLa fractura - FractureLa herida - Injury

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Words You Might Hear at the Doctor"s

If you find yourself having to visit a doctor"s office or also the emergency room, you are going to desire to understand also what world about you are saying. The adhering to words must help you via that.


El enfermero/La enfermera - The nurseEl/La dentista - The dentistEl cirujano/La cirujana - The surgeonEl paramédico/La paramédica - The paramedicEl oculista/La oculista - The eye doctorEl otorrinolaringólogo/La otorrinolaringóloga - The ear, nose and also throat doctor


La sala de emergencias - The emergency roomEl hospital - The hospitalLa farmacia - The pharmacyEl quirófano - The operating roomLa ambulancia - The ambulance


La inyección - InjectionLa cirujía - SurgeryEl medicamento - MedicineEl antibiótico - AntibioticEl antialérgico - Anti-allergy medicineEl analgésico - PainkillerLa crema - CreamLa pastilla - PillLas gotas - DropsLos primeros auxilios - First aidLos puntos - StitchesLa venda - BandageLa receta - PrescriptionEl diagnóstico - DiagnosisEl tratamiento - Treatment

Useful Phrases

Now that you"ve obtained the vocabulary dvery own, let"s complete by going over some common phrases you might hear or have to say once discussing health and wellness problems or in an emergency instance.

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Estoy enfermo/a - I am sickNo me siento bien - I do not feel wellTuve un accidente - I had actually an accidentNecesito ayuda - I require help¿Dónde está el hospital? - Wbelow is the hospitalNecesito ver un médico - I must view a doctor¡Llame a una ambulancia! - Call an ambulance!Me duele... (el estómago/la garganta/and so on.) - My (stomach/throat/etc.) hurtsMe golpeé... (la cabeza/la espalda/and so on.) - I hit my... (head/back/and so on.)Tengo fiebre - I have a feverCuarenta y ocho horas de reposo - Forty eight hrs of restTome mucho líquiexecute - Drink numerous liquidTome el antibiótico cada ocho horas - Take the antibiotics every eight hours¿Tiene seguro médico? - Do you have health and wellness insurance? also has a comparable saying to the one in English: es mejor prevenir que curar (it"s much better to prevent than to cure). Hopetotally, this short article has done its task, and also you deserve to proccasion any type of health-related misinteractions before they happen.