How do i stop chrome from opening new windows

If I click the new tab button (next to existing tab), or ideal click and open in brand-new tab, it briefly opens a brand-new tab, however then switches to a new window.

Any idea exactly how to deal with this?

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Make sure you do not have sticky keys on, that might reason a difficulty. Shift-clicking a attach in Chrome opens up a new window.

Press shift more than five times rapidly to uncover out if sticky keys are on. Another clue is if your message is always capitalized and numbers come out as symbols.



I resolved this.

There was a chrome expansion referred to as "New tab, New Window" that was leading to it.

The expansion is set up by a malware.

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It was sticky tricks right here. I ran the back of my hand over all the tricks on the key-board and also then it quit doing it.

No malware on my laptop, yet all links I clicked were opening in a new home window. After clearing the browser cache that habits quit.

Click on the Chrome menu > Select Clear browsing information... > Under cached imeras and also papers, select All time (next to time-range)> Click the Clear Documents switch at the bottom.

open up your chrome web browser and form in url deal with bar and kind any type of randam website that you recognize like and search then click left hand side setting bar and go on search setting then check out there ......( Wright here results open

Open each selected lead to a brand-new web browser window.)u have to uninspect the box and then click on save and also cshed your chrome ur web browser then restart ............ if it is not working then you need to restore your chrome establishing

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