You deserve to cancel your Checkout X subscription at any type of time from the Billing section, here’s exactly how to execute it

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To cancel your subscription:

Go to the Billing section

Click the switch at the bottom of the web page referred to as Cancel subscription

You will certainly see a confirmation pop up. 

Click the button: Cancel my subscription

Done, your subscription is canceled 

What happens after canceling my subscription?

Your checkout will certainly be deactivatedCanceling your subscription will certainly reason your checkout to be decaused and also the checkout page of your e-commerce platform to be enabled aacquire. However, your profile settings will continue to be as they are, and if you want to begin using Checkout X aget - you deserve to simply re-subscribe and proceed from wright here you left prior to.

You might be charged for your existing transaction usageIf you are not currently in your free trial duration and you’ve made transactions after your last invoice it implies that you have pending transactivity commissions.

These will certainly be charged automatically after you cancel your subscription. No better charges will be made on your save. ( If you’re paying manually, the invoice will certainly be due and also waiting for payment.

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Checkout X will remajor installed on your storeAlthough you won’t be charged any even more and also the checkout won’t be shown to your customers, the application will remajor on your keep. In order to totally remove it, follow our guide: Rerelocating Checkout X