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If you’ve seen the original Trainspotting, then you understand exceptionally acutely what the worst scene in the movie is.

More terrible than disgusting toilets and beds full of faeces, is the fatality of baby Dawn, who dies from neglect while her parent Allison and also Sick Boy are shed in a heroin-induced stupor. “Something inside Sick Boy was shed and never changed,” states Renton as Sick Boy cries.

Dawn’s fatality is also referenced in Trainspotting‘s upcoming sequel, T2. Renton brings up Sick Boy’s dead child, saying: “She was a child, a baby: she would certainly have actually been a grvery own woman by now” and also director Danny Boyle cuts in original footage from the initially film — a selection that then posed an extremely peculiar trouble.

“We assumed, ‘Oh god, we better find out what taken place to that baby’,” Boyle sassist in an intersee with Joseph Earp on jiyuushikan.org. “It would certainly be a PR disaster if the baby had actually passed away in the meantime or something.”

Boyle ended up finding the two civilization that played the baby in 1996 on Facebook (“as it is via these times”) and invited them to the wrap party for T2. “They had an excellent time, walking approximately saying, ‘ the dead babies’,” he said. “It was all exceptionally funny and also disturbing at the same time. But those are the things you cannot predict. They simply happen.”

Woah. To discover even more of Danny Boyle’s melancholy and morbid thoughts around Trainspotting, read the complete interwatch right here.

T2: Trainspotting is out February 23.

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