Today"s "can of soup" or "box of gelatin" might be rather different from those provided in recipes handed dvery own through generations


Nancy Wiker, home economist for the Penn State Cooperative Extension in Lancaster, assembles her Pineapple Gelatin Salad. Wiker now hregarding supplement pineapples to the recipe because the "1 can of pineapple" originally called for in the recipe is no much longer the size it offered to be. (Marty Heisey / Staff)


Many recipe cards that have actually been handed down via generations may need some revision given that the contents of specific food packperiods have gained smaller. (Marty Heisey / Staff)

We all have them. Those ragged-edged, stained recipe cards, passed dvery own via generations, embellished with the acquainted handcomposing of Grandma and tucked away in our recipe boxes - lugged out at unique times throughout the year.

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However, currently they may require some modifying of sorts. Here"s the scenario: You go to the keep and buy the ingredients detailed on the card. You come house and make the dish for your family members. They seem pleased sufficient via the homemade meal but you alert that it"s simply not favor what Grandma offered to make.

Well, it isn"t.

Those ingredients have actually changed over the years and that recipe has actually not been adapted. The deserve to of cream of chicken soup that you purchased for Grandma Pauline"s Chicken Casserole is not the same dimension deserve to that Grandma Pauline provided years ago once making the recipe.

In the previous, soup cans held 11 or so ounces and currently commonly host 10 3/4 ounces. That difference can turn a once-moist dish into a dry one.

But take heart. These recipes can be saved through a small forethought, according to Shirley McBride, 76, of Columbia.

McBride, a homemaker, mom of three and grandmom of nine, has been food preparation for even more than 50 years and also has had to adapt the means she provides some of her favorite meals for her family members.

"My tuna noodle casserole, for instance, used to use one have the right to of soup," McBride shelp. "Now it takes 2 or it will be also dry."

"I provided to be able to obtain 4 servings of tomato soup out of a can," McBride said. "Now I am lucky if I acquire 2. And the prices aren"t going dvery own via the smaller sized products, so you are getting much less and paying the same." Know that a recipe calling for one deserve to of soup may now need a bit even more.

Nancy Wiker, residence economist for the Penn State Cooperative Exstress and anxiety in Lancaster agrees that some of the dimension changes are affecting the method recipes are all set and also cooks must modify their recipes or plan ahead when preparing a recipe that"s been passed dvery own.

"Some of these are family members standbys and you desire it to be as good as you remember," Wiker sassist. "One that concerns mind is a gelatin-fruit recipe that dubbed for a have the right to of pineapple," Wiker shelp. "Even fruit cans have actually readjusted sizes and you need to supplement or use two cans when making this.

"People might not realize that the packperiods have obtained smaller or that the ingredients have actually changed over the years," Wiker sassist. "And they are wondering why their dishes are not turning out. It might be the packaging."

When making an older pudding recipe, it"s necessary to look at the size need in the recipe, said Martha Zepp, food conservation instructor and also consultant in Lancaster. The pudding packeras of yesterday measured 4 or even more ounces, however are now about 3 1/2 ounces.

"This deserve to make or break a recipe," Zepp sassist.

However, both Wiker and also McBride agree that the seasoned prepare will have the ability to adjust recipes without much hassle.

"I recognize that if I am making a creamy casserole via among the cream soups as an ingredient to include a tiny additional cream," Wiker sassist.

McBride keeps her own stock on hand to add to the recipes. Zepp says keeping added on hand of broth and cream and add them according to the base of the casseduty that is being made.

"Tbelow are many strange sizes out tright here," Zepp sassist. "There used to be even more unicreate sizes of cans, but not anyeven more. The packaging has actually adjusted substantially over the past few years."

Some of that adjust has actually been done by service providers for the environment"s sake. Smaller cans have the right to intend much less waste, they say. An initiative by Campbell"s - that caused not just smaller packaging yet a redesign for easy-open condensed soups in the U.S. and also Canada - eliminated the need for even more than 3.5 million pounds of steel by the agency per year, according to the Campbell"s webwebsite,

Read labels, Zepp advises, to be sure the ingredients compelled in the recipe enhance what now appears on the product label.

"Look for a margarine that includes 100 calories per tablespoon," Zepp said. "Some of the margarine does not have actually that and also will not be effective in a baking recipe."

Zepp, who has actually been food preparation for 60 years, has experienced this via her oatmeal cookie recipe that, years ago, won her a blue ribbon at a fair.

"Today if I make that cookie with margarine, it is a much crisper cookie," Zepp sassist. "It"s not nearly as chewy. It"s not bad; it"s just not the same as the one that won."

Typically many recipes have a 10 percent tolerance to readjust, according to Wiker and also Zepp.

However before tbelow are some tricks of the profession that those interperceived were willing to share:

• If the sauce is as well runny, thicken it through a white sauce of flour and also milk.

• Supplement through chicken or beef broth if it is a broth-based casseduty or dish.

• Pay attention to the measurement on the recipe.

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• Edit your recipe cards for future usage. Make notations of alters to pass on to future generations.