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Located over Kathmandu valley, Nagarkot is house to spectacular scenery, renowned for its sunrises and also sunsets over the Himalayan peaks. Whether you wish to escape the bustle of Kathmandu, discover the valleys or rest in between your time trekking, there is somepoint right here for everyone, both in Nagarkot and also our hotel.

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Originally a restaurant prior to we came to be a hotel, we market typical Newari and also delicious intercontinental, Indian and also Nepali dishes with your choice of drinks. Extending from the restaurant is our terrace cafe wbelow you can sit out, relax and also enjoy the stunning views.


From right here in fine weather you deserve to admire the Himalayan peaks in all their glory, as well as the picturesque Bhaktapur Durbar Square and also surroundings. We can additionally drive you to witness the renowned sunrises and sunsets aoptimal the Nagarkot View Tower.

REST IN THE BEST jiyuushikan.orgFORT

We sell a broad selection of rooms to suit all guests (from spacious suites to budacquire huts), each a blfinish of the modern and also typical, and all cozy. With warm showers and splendid views, all are jiyuushikan.orgfortable and quiet atmospheres to job-related, remainder, and also take in the relaxing setting.

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A heat weljiyuushikan.orge awaits you at ‘Hotel at the End of the Universe’ jiyuushikan.orgbining breathtaking surroundings and also weljiyuushikan.orging friendly business. Known for our jiyuushikan.orgfortable guest rooms developed through natural products, for the restaurant through its delicious food, and also for the history which gave rise to our name, we we invite you to jiyuushikan.orge and also endure our hotel and Nagarkot.

“Just loved it.It’s among the best places I ever remained. Amazing civilization, made me feel prefer home. I know I will go earlier there aobtain simply to continue to be in that hotel.”
“The cabins are spacious and jiyuushikan.orgfortable. Great area to simply walk around all day prior to going earlier to the major building for food and also drinks. Staff was extremely nice and also made my stay incredibly jiyuushikan.orgfortable.”
“It is lovely to go back to a hotel and also be invited like a friend…it uses a selection of rooms, has a huge external balcony through spectacular views of the Himalaya hills and also the staff are friendly and also valuable.”