Definitions include: acronym for "assault and battery".

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Definitions include: "rain".Definitions include: Cockney rhyme for ''believe''.Definitions include: to talk a lot yet never before take action.Definitions include: clumsy.Definitions include: better than all that.Definitions include: the finest.Definitions include: without substance; all talk and no activity.Definitions include: most money.Definitions include: to get fouled in basketball and also make the basketDefinitions include: offered to indicate a severe problem or an extreme amount.Definitions include: et cetera.Definitions include: supplied to show an extreme condition or an extreme amount.Definitions include: a amount between 1 and also one order of magnitude reduced than the quantity aforementioned.Definitions include: interjection of agreement.(present 220 morehide)

Other terms relating to "bad":

Definitions include: acronym of "bad-ass."Definitions include: very excellent, wonderful.Definitions include: a tough perchild or rebel.Definitions include: a disappointing event.Definitions include: an extremely attrenergetic, cool, all-approximately excellent girlfriend-type.Definitions include: continuous animosity.Definitions include: generic term for a certain object; "thing".Definitions include: a person in a position of authority that is strict or mean.Definitions include: a bad perkid.Definitions include: a criminal.Definitions include: a day in the time of which one can't make one's hair look great.Definitions include: an action that is likely to be harmful in a "karmic" way.Definitions include: an evil young woman with conspicuous sex appeal.Definitions include: vulva ("vagina").Definitions include: to say bad points around one more person.(present 16 morehide)

Other terms relating to "do":

Definitions include: a tough worker.Definitions include: as soon as your belly sticks out further then your dick doDefinitions include: acronym for "do I look like I provide a shit."Definitions include: acronym for "Do It Yourself."Definitions include: acronym for "don't mind if I do".Definitions include: acronym for "execute not disturb".Definitions include: to have actually sex via.Definitions include: to accomplish somepoint by accident.Definitions include: to percreate any type of type of stunt.Definitions include: to mistreat.Definitions include: to inhale a line of cocaine.Definitions include: to execute a negative task.Definitions include: to defecate.Definitions include: to execute a solid (a favor).Definitions include: to be linking a perboy.(show 66 morehide)

Other terms relating to "foot":

Definitions include: a specifically large "camel toe".Definitions include: someone or somepoint that looks appealing from a distance, but within 50 feet their true appearance is evident.Definitions include: policeDefinitions include: Unready, inqualified of responding to an assault.Definitions include: acronym for "foot-long floater", i.e. a floating item of feces that's a foot lengthy.Definitions include: A low class female via no requirements (additionally well-known as hood rats)Definitions include: to generally put (one's) foot in (one's) mouth - i.e. say inproper points.Definitions include: begin working in a agency at a low level, hoping to development from tbelow.Definitions include: of multiple human being, to have an unpleasant first meeting.Definitions include: to make an initial tiny step towards getting entrance to somepoint (a job, a university, a connection.)Definitions include: a style of riding skateboards, snowboards, and so on with one's best food forward.Definitions include: to commonly drive fast.Definitions include: to be close to death.Definitions include: statement of disbelief.Definitions include: the visible cleft of the outer labia under tight clothing.(show 2 morehide)

Other terms relating to "good":

Definitions include: in functioning order or at a level of acceptability; "fine".Definitions include: to look attrenergetic.Definitions include: something famous but doing not have in substance.Definitions include: acronym of "fuck I'm excellent simply ask me".Definitions include: exceptionally tasty.Definitions include: to enter a person's positive esteem; "obtain on a person's good side".Definitions include: acronym for "good fucking riddance".Definitions include: acronym for "good game."Definitions include: acronym for "great job".Definitions include: acronym for "excellent job team".Definitions include: acronym for "great luck".Definitions include: acronym for "great luck, have actually fun".Definitions include: acronym for "excellent looking mum", used on clinical charts by medical professionals in the UK.Definitions include: without require or desire for somepoint or to carry out something in particular; "fine".Definitions include: very.(display 48 morehide)

Other terms relating to "hop":

Definitions include: to visit numerous bars in the time of a solitary outing.Definitions include: a motorcycle that does not have many type of accessories and is suitable for brief distance runs.Definitions include: To jump while crouching over somebody while spinning 180 degrees and while landing hit them in the earlier of the head.Definitions include: to be able to jump high.Definitions include: when a perboy goes out through someone and also then breaks up with them and also goes out via one of their friends.Definitions include: Come over or climb or jump over-Definitions include: a drug addict.Definitions include: get in for ones share of somepoint.Definitions include: on drugs.Definitions include: complete of world.Definitions include: to get began.Definitions include: extremely busy.

Other terms relating to "on":

Definitions include: seemingly accidental but via an enigma motive.Definitions include: trick sex-related activity with a perboy various other than one's companion.Definitions include: See on (one's) plate.Definitions include: useless.Definitions include: absolutely futile; pointmuch less, worthless, inept or absurd; good-for-nothing or idiotic.Definitions include: doing much better after an unfavorable occasion.Definitions include: went back to one's meth or crack addiction.Definitions include: to insult for fun; "make fun of".Definitions include: to leave (a relationship) or abandon.Definitions include: to attempt to lure verbally; "hit on".Definitions include: to test somepoint prior to it is released or presented.Definitions include: See barge in.Definitions include: offered to explain a perchild that is angry and also is scolding at someone.Definitions include: to be associated via.Definitions include: to be present in huge numbers.(display 462 morehide)

Other terms relating to "the":

Definitions include: the real indevelopment or the proof, instruction, the understand how, wbelow, as soon as, and also why around something or someone.Definitions include: walking, generally as opposed to driving.Definitions include: interrogation.Definitions include: incredibly intoxicatedDefinitions include: indevelopment.Definitions include: somepoint you have now is worth more than two points you have just a chance of getting.Definitions include: an excellent estimate.Definitions include: a secret advantage.Definitions include: inclusive.Definitions include: to make a bad situation worse.Definitions include: via the amount of time left to end up a job rapidly disshowing up.Definitions include: having actually an opinion or belief before it becoming common or famous.Definitions include: of a male, to urinate.Definitions include: Someone being butthurt over having actually somepoint, they perform to others on a regular basis, done to the themDefinitions include: key sexual activity with a person other than one's partner.(display 1409 morehide)

Other terms relating to "thing":

Definitions include: "ain't no thang", i.e. "it isn't a thing", definition that something isn't to be came to about; "no massive deal"; "don't problem about it".Definitions include: to be okay; not a large issue.Definitions include: something excellent, helpful, etc.Definitions include: acronym for "can't remember a fucking thing".Definitions include: to be linking a perkid.Definitions include: acronym for "carry out the appropriate thing".Definitions include: fine young point.Definitions include: A womale who flaunts her breasts and ass, flirts with all the guys, and also belittles all the various other woguys.Definitions include: a woguy (or gay man) who is so attractive, well-groomed, hip and confident regarding seem utterly unassailable to critics.Definitions include: a penis.Definitions include: somepoint that one enjoys.Definitions include: a remarkable characteristic.Definitions include: to spice up "things".Definitions include: acronym for "watch you tomorrow".

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Definitions include: acronym for "tbelow ain't no such thing as a free lunch".(show 5 morehide)