2) When workers voluntarily leave work-related while they look for better tasks, the resulting unemployment is called

A) structural joblessness.

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B) frictional unemployment.

C) cyclical joblessness.

D) underemployment.

 3) Unemployment resulting from a misenhance of workers" skills and also project needs is called

A) frictional joblessness.

B) structural joblessness.

C) seasonal joblessness.

D) cyclical unemployment.

4) The goal for high employment should be a level of unemployment at which the demand for labor amounts to the supply of labor. Economists contact this level of unemployment the

A) frictional level of joblessness.

B) structural level of unemployment.

C) herbal rate level of unemployment.

D) Keynesian rate level of joblessness.

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Darlington Ganswered on January 28, 2021
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1) High joblessness is unpreferable because it

A) outcomes in a loss of output.

B) always increases inflation.

C) always boosts interest rates.

D) reduces idle sources.

2) When employees voluntarily leave work while they...
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