Chorus: Hey little bit mama, why you dance so funky ( repeat). Yeah, it's that funky, it's that funky Y-2-C (repeat). Verse 1: Hey little bit mama, why you dance so funky, gain on the floor and also shake it prefer a doncrucial. Shake it to the left shake it to the best, execute the funky dance and also shake it all night. Shake that thang now you know you going on.Now look at me and also shake that massive b***. Just execute it baby jump up and also dvery own. Shake it dvery own to the ground.Shake it Shake it Shake it Shake it. Get actual funky and don't you break it. Yeah thats ideal you doing it baby. Look so funky you drive me crazy. Yeah its substantial boy once aget. Let that but go out and in. Now do that funky dance in area you look so funky I desire to say: Chorus Verse 2: Funky funky yeah that's me. I'm dancing funky to the beat. I really desire the crowd to say(Hey little bit mama).Shake and shake that's what I'm doing. Got all them boys over there simply oohing. Just bereason I'm young not old I bet you think that I ain't bold. Bold sufficient to present this b*** however you know you gained me messed up. I am young however I have learned I have the right to carry out the funky dance all night. Let me show you a tiny somepoint. don't you recognize they speak to me Tamara? Feastern your eyes on this funky b*** while all them boys out tright here say what... Chorus

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Ohhh. You so warm Hey lil mama Girl you must stop Hey lil mama Hey females come on perform it currently Funky-y-2c Fellows come on gain it currently Funky-y-2c I wanna learn that dance(me too!) Then watch how i carry out it then booh...booh...booh...booh Hey lil mama My mama taught me just how to carry out this Hey lil mama Ooh she do it great Yeah its that funkiness that funky-y-2c booh...booh...booh...booh Funky-y-2c bang...boosh(4X) Hey lil mama you like that style Don't you recognize I'm dvery own through the pup pound Hup Hup carry out it Shake it and also jam Come on do that funky dance Get funky funky funky baby Dvery own to the ground, acquire crazy Yeah thats best hey tamara I'm telling you to shake that...what! Hey lil mama Yeah I'm dancing funky Funky Funky as you deserve to view Move my but to the funky beat Throwin it reason you obtained me a possibility Now watch me perform that funky dance Make all the fellows stand also right up go down to the ground then say WHAT! (Chorus) Now thats the method you execute it dawg!
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The Puppies Lyrics

The Puppies (1994)

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"Funky Y-2-C" is a song by The Puppies. It is track #2 from the album The Puppies that was released in 1994. The duration of this song is 03:28.