“Ophelia” is “the cornerstone” of The Lumineers’s sophoeven more album, Cleopatra. It was the initially track composed and also taped for the album, adhering to which band member Jeremiah… Read More 

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Ah, ah, once I was youngerI, I should've recognized betterAnd I can't feel no remorseAnd you don't feel nothing backI, I got a brand-new girlfriend hereFeels favor he's on topAnd I don't feel no remorseAnd you can't check out past my blindnessOh, OpheliaYou've been on my mind, girl, given that the floodOh, OpheliaHeaven aid the fool that drops in loveI, I got a small paycheckYou obtained big plans and also you gotta move (Whoo!)And I don't feel nothing at allAnd you can't feel nothing smallHoney, I love youThat's all she wrote
Oh, OpheliaYou've been on my mind, girl, favor a drugOh, OpheliaHeaven assist the fool that falls in loveOh, OpheliaYou've been on my mind, girl, because the floodOh, OpheliaHeaven help the fool that drops in loveOh, OpheliaYou've been on my mind, girl, prefer a drugOh, OpheliaHeaven aid the fool who falls in love
“Ophelia” is “the cornerstone” of The Lumineers’s sophoeven more album, Cleopatra. It was the initially track composed and videotaped for the album, complying with which band also member Jeremiah Fraites said he “felt favor it was much easier to continue finishing the album.”

The song is also about exactly how the band also has actually dealt with the success it has actually completed considering that it’s 2012 self-titled debut. Singer Wesley Schultz told EW:

”Ophelia“ is a vague referral to world falling in love via fame. That spotlight deserve to seem choose an endless buffet, yet in reality, you’re just shiny, bbest, and new to human being for a quick moment—and then you have the remainder of your life to live.

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No. Tbelow was an initial attempt to base it on the character from Hamlet, because we had actually the hook for the chorus using that name “Ophelia“before we ever before had actually the rest of the song, but the song took a different course.

Jer came up with the piano riff for this song a brief time after we videotaped our first album, ago in 2011, in our hometvery own of Ramsey on his favorite piano – once we can afford to, we had that piano shipped out to Denver and also we still use it in the demo procedure bereason it’s got some magic in it.

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It’s a hard song to pin down what Ophelia was around as a singular concept – the lyrics in the song were sung in a stream-of -conscious, free kind of means during the demo process. But reading them back, i hear this idea of trying to remind myself not to fall in love with the short-term attention we were getting because i kbrand-new that was fleeting. I was searching for something even more actual. I was also feeling prefer i was observing someone else live a life someexactly how – making it through instead of living. With all the touring and mirrors for the 4-5 years on our first album, the repetition drives you a little mad. -Wes


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